Thursday, 1 December 2016

Slimbridge & Marshfield

Date: 30/11/2016
Location: Slimbridge / Marshfield
Weather: Very Cold, Foggy at Slimbridge, Blue Skies at Marshfield
Went to Slimbridge Blue skies when i left home pulled into car park and and a tweet 
said "mist just descended on site !"
 Checked out hides they were right couldnt see much through the mist and all mostley distant. So headed round the Pens as sunlight was sunlight pretty good on site.

First off a Redhead Female

The Bufflehead Male a little cracker!

Muscovy duck complete with fashionable eyebrows!

Went to check out the Kingfisher hide, it really was cold and frosty on site but advantages not many people :)

This the view out from the Van de Bovenkamp
Hide, not a lot to be seen.

Nothing from hides so back round the site and these Coots 
having a handbags at dawn scrap!

The Mist started to lift but still not much from hides except this smart looking Buzzard also wondering where all the birds had gone.

Back round the Pens and this Greater Scaup nibbling at the ice.

The Smew with the yellow coming from the Willow trees around Eider Pen.

Ringed Neck Duck giving a death stare!

Wost Punk rock hair goes to the Falcated Duck, 
I say worst but if i had any hair this is what I'd have!

No trip to Slimbridge complete without a mention of the Bewick's Swans 
its starting to fill up 75 now. 

On way back dropped in to Marshfield and saw at least 25 Red Legged Partridge, on my patch the most I'm likely to see is 5!

Also Corn Bunting's saw 5 or so.

Sun was rapidly descending giving a nice glow on birds also saw Stonechats, Kestrel and a few Lapwing. 
A great day despite the Mist.

Thanks For Looking !

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