Thursday, 7 May 2015

Palma Majorca

A quick blog from my time away in Palma - Majorca. I stayed there with friends and family from 29th April - 6th May. Weather was in the high 20's all day and all night and it reached 35 degrees one day !

We were sat around the pool one afternoon and a swarm of bee's came up from the sea there must have been thousands, initially we thought wasps, the hotel staff come over to check and asked everyone to move, they turnt out be Honey Bee's and they had to unfortunately fumigate them, but this site was amazing to see! Alot flew off before they managed to get to them so some did survive!

We had a Shag that would fish outside the hotel daily, we could see to the bottom of where he was fishing so this was amazing to watch him, he would return that same night and again in the morning, it kept me busy whilst sunbathing!

Drying his wings!

Spot the Hoopoe !! (I seen it land, but couldn't see so took a picture in the hope of later identifying, there is a Hoopoe there I promise!)

Whilst on the boat trip where I seen the Hoopoe, the boat driver pointed out some 'Spanish Penguins' I jumped up but they turnt out to be more Shag's nesting and drying their wings, not sure if they call them this over there or even if there is normally some there!

Under the sea, there were a school of small transparent fish, still in the process of identifying these, but were very close to the shore and were in schools of hundreds maybe even thousands!

Location:  Palma Nova - Majorca
Weather:  Hot, Sunny + Calm
Other Species: Swift, Shag, Hoopoe, Blackbird, Collared Dove, Wood Pigeon, Yellow-Legged Gull

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