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Slimbridge Goshawk, Bittern and Newton St Loe Goosander and Green Woodpeckers

Date: 5th-8th December 2016
Slimbridge + Patch - Newton St Loe
Weather: Mostly Grey
Spreadsheet Sightings

First of had my birthday so been a bit busy so a catch up blog.
Slimbridge and a very grey day but had the new 100-400 mk2 lens to try out!!
Just need a nice day to fully check it out but so far its working well.

First shot was a Goshawk from Slimbridge! Not bad for first shot, a very distant sighting and as you can see very grey but a Goshawk!!

Was in the Zeiss Hide looking for Bittern which we found! Moved to Van de Bovenkamp
Hide and Lauren spotted Goshawk off to a great start I'd say!

Such great camo.

Also saw Brent Goose missed the Bean Goose but the Wigeon where showing well and in good numbers.

Did full patch walk Tuesday and a low species count 34. 
Spreadsheet above species can be seen
 But Redwing constantly overhead at around 75+.

On back drive of Bath Spa, Common Gulls in a large group 50+ with a few Black Headed mixed in. 
On return walk along top lane looking down Common Gulls number seen to double that with Common's covering 2 fields.

Spotted Buzzard, think he spotted me too, a field and half away, new lens seems to be working well at a distance, my old one seemed to struggle.

Wednesday back walking again Walking Site Here. Went to Kingston Deverill, Wiltshire and while walking saw a Red Kite only had 135mm lens but brilliant to see these great birds. Also on walk Chiffchaff, Buzzards, Yellowhammers in good numbers plus Linnet and Corn Bunting's a great walk, but my mate is not a birder otherwise would have spent longer watching.

Did another Patch walk Sunday with Lauren, very quiet around, again species count in above spreadsheet. 
A Roe Deer on dog track plus 15+ Blackbirds near Orchard and Redwing feeding in Fields. A single Fieldfare at distant in village.

Farm shop had Christmas Fare going on, shooting in nearby woods and Church Bells ringing so did walk opposite way round. Lots of Rooks in Back Drive feeding.

Carried on to Lake and the Goosanders were back 3 Male 2 Female all feeding, but very jumpy. Last year in January had 17 was best count.

Shame cant get much closer, but as soon as you venture off path they fly so took this from path, maybe better light would help.

 While watching saw the resident male mute swan frantically flying up and down the lake. Strange we thought? 

On looking why spotted 2 dumb ass dog walkers in field off footpath and 2 dogs, we think the Jack Russell went for the female because as we approached bottom lake saw female in field sat down not looking well!!!

We watched for 15 mins and she seem to recover and managed to walk up to Top Lake where we fed her, she had some blood on bill but looked ok. 
She flapped wings and all was looking good. The stupid dog walkers made a hasty retreat before we could talk.. shout at them !!
The Male did what he could but talking a Jack Russell on and American bulldog not advisable! Its not the dogs fault just more stupid dog owners!

Anyway will check on her in next couple of days hope she's ok.
Also on Lake 8 Moorhens a record count.
After walking on back towards Church, Lauren spotted this cracking Green Woodpecker.

As you can see from Bill, was feeding looking for worms no doubt.

Such a great looking bird when you get close, unfortunately you cant get close that often!

Back in to the Village and cars from the Christmas Market and people but a few House Sparrow buzzing in car park hedges and that was the end of walk with not much else to report, apart from Stonechat in normal place. 

So until the next one bye for now :) 

Thanks For Looking !

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