Saturday, 26 October 2019

Snow Bunting to Cirl Bunting

19th-24th October
Sandbay, Lyme Regis, Broadsands, Berry Head, Blorenge, Newton St Loe
Overcast cloudy some sunshine.
Species Highlights: 
Cirl bunting, Eider, Gannet,Snow Bunting.

Me at work but Lauren always staring out our window to catch that Collared Dove again on our still present Scaffolding.

Goldfinches, Great, Coal, Long Tailed and this beautiful Blue Tit present every day.

Sunday morning a Pallas Leaf Warbler and Yellow-browed had been at Sandbay but not by us, we looked for over a hour with Goldcrests  and tit flock only birds of note. So Monday morning and still trying for that 200 we headed down to Dorset, Devon. First off was Lyme Regis and this long staying Eider, almost in full plumage, happily floating around the harbour.

Next was Broadsands our go-to spot for Cirl Bunting, it seems the old beach huts have been removed but after searching along the hedge row I came across just two birds, just visible by standing on rubbish bin!

The Steam train "Lydham Manor" puffed it way over the viaduct making a grand sight. 
Great Western Railway 7800 Class No. 7827 Lydham Manor is a preserved British steam locomotive. It is currently owned by and based on the Dartmouth Steam Railway. The locomotive was built in December 1950. wiki

Another drive, next to Brixham Breakwater because you never know! In fact most photos were taking here with 4 Grey Seal playing at very close range.

The star of the Breakwater was this little Turnstone coming so close i had to run just to get a picture of him, full frame no crop.

10 or so birds were along the breakwater.

Purple Sandpipers were also feeding along the rocks but a bit more tricky as constantly moving from the incoming tide.

A short drive to Berry head didn't produce anything to add, we walked down to quarry but could only add Gannets to our day list.
Next off a mistake we drove past Bowling Green Marshes this morning thinking the tide would be better on return but as usual tide times are so confusing and we got there at very low tide, missing the Long Billed Dowitcher everything else was too far out to even ID. The Long Billed Dowitcher was spotted this morning, should have dropped in. Arrgg. A nice male Shoveler was the only consolation.

As it always happens for Lauren she went back to work and I managed to get down to Blorenge for a real treat, a very confiding Snow Bunting.

My last Snow bunting was Norfolk and Iceland in 2014, but those views were nothing like these views.

Anyone can get a Robin or Kingfisher but a Horse looking through the Lens! ( not my camera but my  T5 Transporter, Bilko had good views, LOL)

He couldn't do enough to keep the visiting photographers happy.

Heavy mist and fog but with the bird so close it didn't matter, I even walked to the summit of Blorenge I think it was so foggy.

Thursday and another patch walk my 34th of the year, not much change Grey Heron on lower brook and on top lake 7 birds counted in all.

A sunny spell and Migrant Hawker and a few Common darters about.

The last of the Butterflies sunny themselves, Red Admiral.

This handsome Buzzard  stalking some thing.

Got the Poo shot too, this doesn't reflect my week which was brilliant!
Just 2 bird ticks left for me but Lauren looking a bit more dodgy on 185/200.

Wayne Year Bird List: 198
Lauren Year Bird List: 185

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Friday, 18 October 2019

Cattle Egrets, Fungi & Newton St Loe

11th - 17th October
Longham Lakes (Again) Westhay, Stockhill Woods, Chew Valley and Newton St Loe.
Torrential Rain, Some Sun
Species Highlights: 
American Black Tern, Great White Egret, Cattle Egret, Yellowhammer.

Lauren now recovered and back to birding, so after missing the Tern at Longham another trip was required, weather forecast was not good torrential rain was on the cards and unfortunately they didn't get it wrong! 
Shortly after walking to the Lake and seeing the American Black Tern it poured down making pictures a bit tricky.

At least Id ing bird was easy enough showing much greyer under wings
than the Black Tern.

After getting back to van a White Rumped Sandpiper was on show at Lodmoor and 40 mins later we were checking out the scrapes and chatting to others birders telling us it had flown beyond view. We waited, the rain was now drizzle but no further sign, of course the next day it was on show!

Back at home we have scaffolding up and the Collared Doves taking advantage.

Lauren back at work, I'd decided to pop down to Westhay for some Bearded Tit action... 2.5 hours later no Bearded Reedling, heard but none seen. Still plenty to see.

Great White Egret.
 A Otter was seen just feet away from where I was standing, yep missed it, I'm destined never to see a Otter I think.

Macro lens in bag and spotted these Wasp collecting wood for their nest.

Never seen this before, more advantages of a Macro lens.

Really ripping up the hand rail.

Also along the rail a few Common Darters braving the conditions, by the end of October all the remaining species of Dragons will stop flying, Common Darter and Migrant Hawkers the last one on the wing.

2020 Going hope to see a few more species of UK dragons, a big push!

Still early and Stockhill wood on way back so dropped in to see some Fungi, me being a fun-guy, sorry!


Yellow Staghorn

Fly Agaric



Candlesnuff Fungus.

Not sure on this one?

Cup of coffee then on to Chew Valley to see what was about, this Pied Wagtail plus the normal Ducks and Swan not much else but their were Cattle Egret on Heron Greens Bay  but flew towards Villace, so I followed them.

Parked up and Cattle Egrets

 The Cows started to walk over to me, but I thought the Cattle Egrets would come too...

A bit closer but I was now surrounded by cows, I made a retreat, but a good day.

Thursday and my Patch walk day, started by walking through  Bath Mill with plenty of Robin, Blackbirds singing along brook, a real lack of Goldfinch, Blue and Great Tits today?

Up on to fields signs of autumn starting to show well

Magpies scanning the now empty fields for food.

Other Tits lacking but Long Tailed Tits in good numbers on most of the walk.

A single Yellowhammer in its normal spot, last one was one month ago, they seem to be getting very scarce.

Quiet on walk through village apart from Rooks, Crow and the always present Jackdaw.

Bottom Lake, nothing not a single bird but Top Lake a bit better 2 Cormorants looking splendid against the autumn backdrop.

Not much else of note but the Stanton Prior Buzzard again showing well.

Wayne Year Bird List: 195
Lauren Year Bird List: 183

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