Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Blyth's Pipit - Take Two!

Date: 27th December 2016
Location: Blagdon Lake - Somerset
Weather: Blue Sky, Cold but Sunny!

Another quick visit to Blagdon Lake this morning, as I was previously working Thursday when Dad/Wayne visited, to see the Blyth's Pipit. On arrival the gates were closed, so we walked in from the road with another birder. After a 3.5 mile walk (there and back), we located some birders at Burmah Road area so headed for that direction. When we finally arrived, no birders could locate since it flew to the right towards Bell's Bush. We carried on walking around to Burmah Road, finally locating the Blyth's Pipit, the bird showed slightly further out than Thursday but it was present. Today it was still showing well but seemed to be more mobile than Thursday.

Once we initially located the bird, it was then fairly easy to keep re-locating when it flew off, with it's bright orange legs, and the different behaviour between the Meadow Pipit and Blyth's Pipit.

We stayed for 2 hours, spoke to lots of nice birders with lots of knowledge for new places (ready for next year's birding).

Even managed a quick in-flight shot!

We left the Blyth's Pipit having a good old scratch and clean!

Whilst photographing the Blyth's Pipit, a Little Stint ran into the background of the Pipit's shot, but too quick for a photo! In the same location we also heard a Green Woodpecker, 1 Great White Egret was feeding on the shoreline (but another 3 flew down to Top End).

Lastly on the way back to the Van, we spotted a Greater Spotted Woodpecker in the fir tree's just off the road.

Thanks For Looking !

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