Saturday, 21 July 2018

Butterflies & Patch Walks

Date: 21/07/2018
Location: Newton St Loe
Weather: Still hot still blues Skies
Species Highlights: 
Butterflies, a few birds and some great patch walks
It's been a while in fact nearly a month but we've not been sat inside, we've been traveling the county racking up more miles and Butterfly species Fermyn Woods, for the Purple Emperor.

Lots more Hairstreaks from Seven Acre woods, on patch

My highlight this year so far was finding these beauties on patch even got a open wing shot of this female.

A Ruddy Darter from top ponds at Newton st Loe, it's well worth wandering up just past car parks to see these hidden ponds you never know what your gonna see.

We had Chalkhill Blues at Draycott, and even found some closer to home at Hazelbury Manor near Box.

Then down to Portland Bill a change of venue this year as i normally go to Lulworth cove for this little skipper but found some on the Bill.

While searching the grass for the skipper we were delighted to see Skylarks at close range, not like seven acre! 

With Linnet also sat in nearby bushes.

From here a short drive to Tout Quarry another new venue for me but will definitely be going back, Adonis, Chalkhill, Small Blue and Grayling all putting on a great show.

Even a few Hummingbird Hawk moths always a pleasure.

Another Patch walk with a new Damselfly spotted by me, a Emerald.

Birds a little quite but plenty to snap away at, Small Copper on patch and this took the Newton St Loe Butterfly count to 25 just missing a Clouded Yellow, fingers are crossed.

Had been searching for a Valesina the silver form of the Silver washed Fritillary and found to at a Frome Woodlands eventually. they like the cooler parts of the woodland and darker so had to use flash and stand in a muddy brook but worth it.

working in between but every spare chance i'm out looking. Priddy next and Tree Pipit and added to my 2018 bird tick list, looking for Dragonflies at the small pools there but weather had clouded over so dragon disappeared.

So that brings us almost up to date white Thursday just gone and my patch walk, Yellowhammer in much fewer numbers but still about.

Purple and White Letter Hairstreak seen at Seven Acre, while looking out over towards the Globe had a great view of a Sparrowhawk which flew straight in front of me, not giving me enough time to lift camera but brilliant to see.
Most other birds a bit on the quiet side but 25+ House Martins buzzing over village, Barn Swallow number are very low this year.

At lake a few Dragonflies around with this Red Eyed Damselfly, Broad Bodied, Scarce Chaser, Brown Hawker, Black Tailed Skimmer, Ruddy Darter and a few others keeping me entertained while sitting bank side of the top Lake.

 The Male Mute took exception to this this, i'd been sat for 30mins before he considered me a threat, he stopped just short of me a decided to have a clean!

The Grey Herons out of nests now and exploring the top lake.

4 of them spread out almost exactly 4 meters apart!

These Common Blue butterfly in Butterfly alley, where else.

After seeing the single Spotted Flycatcher back in May had heard but not seen since , although Tony and Robert had seen them so very pleased to get a few pictures of the 2 adults and single Juvenile.

While watching in Send a Cow woodland, juvenile Green woodpecker, Greater Spotted Woodpecker and a Treecreeper, last spot of a Treecreeper was back in March.

A super walk with plenty to see, these last few shots from the Village.

Wasp took this fly from a spiders web while i was watching.

So with only 3 butterflies left to see this year, Silver Spotted Skipper, Brown Hairstreak and last trip should be Scotch Argus in the Lake District.  I'll be back on patch soon with more blogs updated weekly, but for now get out there and see you soon!

Thanks For Looking! 
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