Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Eve Patch

Date: 24/12/2016
Location: Newton St Loe - Patch
Weather: Cloudy, Overcast - 9c
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4 Treecreeper, 5 Yellowhammer, 4 Buzzard, 2 Sparrowhawk, 50+ Redwing, 3 Fieldfare, 30 Teal, 2 fem Goosander, 20+ Blackbirds, 2 Stonechat.

Christmas Eve and before the visiting relatives start me and Lauren headed out around patch. Almost first spot was Treecreeper, from Bath Mill along brook, high iso as almost dark but great to watch these little birds scurrying up the trunks.

Good to see the long claws for hanging on.

No Christmas blog would be complete without a Robin!
I'll take this opportunities to wish all our readers.

A Very Happy Christmas and Happy Birding!

Today's walk we had 2 Sparrowhawk both male and different area's, this Wren checking the skies for this predator!

While watching this and the other Redwing's and many Blackbirds from the Church Yard Orchard, my shot and yes, out of focus sorry! 
The Sparrowhawk came storming through putting everything up and leaving the Orchard deserted and very much quieter.

At Lake, more Treecreeper plus 4 Coal Tit's the normal Goldcrest's and Nuthatch. 
On Lake, 2 Female Goosander, 30+ Teal and only 1 Female Mute Swan?  
Not sure where the Male is. Mallard, Grey Heron and 7 Moorhen making up the rest.

Also today 50+ Redwing and at least 3 Fieldfare also.
Just before 2nd Horse Fields almost as I mentioned that we haven't seen from some time Yellowhammer..... we spotted 5! 
Feeding with House Sparrows which was nice!

Then this lovely Green Woodpecker landed on Telegraph Pole with 2 Stonechat and Pied Wagtail in field behind then another Sparrowhawk flew threw, another Male.
This ended the walk leaving us on 40 Species. 
Now it was time to go home and visit all those relatives which I haven't seen since last year. O Joy!

Thanks For Looking !

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