Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Goosander and Pied Wagtail Roost

Date: 13/12/2016
Location: Newton St Loe - Patch
Weather: Grey, Some Blue but mostly Grey 10c
Went out today just to check on Mute Swan who was attacked by a Dog on Sunday, was a very quiet walk my new lens not really getting to test it!
Up through Bath Mill and and to fields apart from the many Blackbirds still feeding on Apple trees above dog track not alot else.

 Out through Village and on to Lakes where 1 Male Mute Swan on fisherman's lake was present. Top Lake Male and the Female Mute Swan looking good and coming to seed!
None the worse for the attack thankfully.

 Also on Lake more Goosander.

Today 4 Male.

3 Female.

Also unusually a Herring Gull with this Lesser Black Backed 
constantly chasing him off as soon as he landed.

At this point he decided to do a bunk and leave.

The Goosander still very jumpy, also 30 Teal hidden away in reeds.

As you can see not many pictures today, but practise makes perfect!

Went in to town, Bath tonight a few night pictures. 
Lauren spotted this Pied Wagtail roost a few weeks back. 
Must be 250+ Pied Wagtails there! 

Its a bit dark so slow shutter but Pied Wagtail trails!!

Not sure what predators but every now and again most would suddenly spook and fly to nearby building then return.

Bit of a video of the Pied Wagtails

Thanks For Looking !

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