Friday, 3 March 2017

Short Eared Owls and Little Owl.. Its a Owl Fest!

Date: 03/02/2017
Location: Weymouth - Portland Bill
Weather: Blue Skies, Some Wind
Other Species: 
Snipe, Greenfinch, Teal, Kingfisher, Chiffchaff, Gadwall, Tufted Duck, Starling, House Sparrow, Kestrel, Buzzard, Short Eared Owl

Blue skies forecast so headed down to Weymouth area to see a few birds. Got there 7:30am and first stop was Lodmoor, very quiet here with Kingfisher and Greenfinch the best to see here. 

Next Radipole and again a very quiet, water level higher so all ducks further away from viewing platforms in fact at this point with 2 reserves visited I'd only taken 16 pictures!

So with this departing Pigeon, I followed on and headed to the
 Ferrybridge harbour areas.

But driving along causeway to Portland high tide and no waders present, windsurfers also in Portland harbour so headed up to Thumb Lane to try my luck at Hume's Warbler......... After 2 hours stood waiting with 2 other spotters had 3 very very brief views and heard bird for 3 or 4 minutes. No photos but bird is still there!

So not doing very well today, a quick stroll around Barleycrates and Reap Lane apart from wind not much here either. 
O well headed to Portland Bill car park for a walk round here. Pot noodle and coffee later, a Kestrel landed next to me on car park sign!
 At least a nice picture of a Kestrel I thought.

In background I saw 2 Short Eared Owls at top of fields, walked up footpath and SEO was coming straight towards me so I sat down against MOD fence and this was what happened!

I'm sure they saw me but I was almost flat against fence and they few past many times.

With a few people about, chasing owls across fields I sat and watched, Amazing!

Flying straight towards me, look at those stunning eyes!

Blue skies and 2 SEO, cant get much better!

I was using 560 mm so still keeping my distance despite people pushing the Owls towards me, being still and sat down worked a treat!

The next 3 only small crops, almost full frame!


So many pictures but brilliant to watch!

Short Eared Owls keeping his eye on the skies, the Kestrel and Gulls were flying over head.

Think she wanted to try to pick him up!

After a hour and a half of sat down watching and owls they seem to have gone quiet, I decided to check in on Little Owl. But beside the Pub and right next to the busy road one of the Owls was sat on post!

This one was taken with the the stunning Owl feeding or looking in roadside verge, still cars going past at this point!

Little Owl. Managed 5 pictures and the same people who were chasing owls thought they'd try to get closer to this owl, he scarped back in his hole!!
At this point I saw the 2 guys from earlier in the day who I stood with for the Hume's said they waited another 2 hours with no sign after i went, one guy had been there for 6 hours! That's dedication!

The light was now fading, even the Owl had his eyes shut!
So after a brilliant day in the end time for me to leave also.
O yeah and picture count now at 700! 700! 
You just can't help it, at least it'll give me something to do tonight!

Thanks For Looking! 

  Thanks For All Your Support!

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