Wednesday, 15 March 2017

NSL Patch & St Johns Peregrines

Date: 15/203/2017
Location: Patch Newton St Loe + St Johns (Bath)
Weather: Blue Skies and Beautiful
Species Highlights: 
Bullfinch, Stock Dove, Pied Wagtail, Grey Wagtail, Buzzard, Goldcrest, Nuthatch, Grey Heron, Tufted Duck, Little Grebe, Chiffchaff

No walk today today, my buddy is ill so thought I'd wander out on patch. Out through Bath Mill and Chiffchaff still singing strongly along brook and 4 Bullfinch on start of Dog Track.

More Chiffchaff on Dog Track and 1 singing its heart out not bothered to eve look at me creeping close.

On out across Fields checking Seven Acre for Butterflies and nothing showing despite the blue skies and sunshine, Skylark were singing I counted around 5.
Through Village not a lot, Churchyard Goldcrests as normal, by hiding behind a tombstone managed a couple of decent shots.

At least 3 of them in Yew tree.

Down from church just missed snapping a Green Woodpecker in the small sheep field, today I counted at least 5 Green Woodpecker calling around patch, in woodland by Send a Cow Treecreeper and Nuthatch seen.

Grey Heron in the Herony, no more nests but counted 13 birds today.

First waterfall a pair of Grey Wagtail feeding & bobbing along. 
Love the Grey Wag such lovely colors on the Males.

No fishermen on Lake today so the Carp just sat sunbathing, use to fish here a few years back biggest I caught was 19lb common carp, I'd guess most of these around 12/15 lb.

Good News! Top Lake 2 Tufted Duck have arrived making 4 this year so far, feeding quite happily. Students out in force today sat almost in the lake, or on the banks!

Sat and watched Tufted for a while and a Little Grebe popped out from in front of me. Couldn't find other Little Grebe, guessing this a female.
 Our Mallard & Teal number still low around 8 birds on top lake with 6 Teal?

Really pleased with a few butterflies, saw Small Tortoiseshell, 5 Brimstone, tried to take picture but they wouldn't keep still!
Plus a Peacock taking my year list to 3, 56 to go!

Skies even bluer now so my plan was walk back at speed and go check on Peregrines again, but these Grape hyacinth deserved a picture, looking great, taken through hole in fence.

On arriving at St. Johns only 1 Peregrine was present and sat on highest point, so took a few shots of the birds which were about. Great to watch the Lesser Black Backed ripping open the bin bags, despite the owner of bags tying them up on railing! Birds fly so railing not really out of reach! DUH!

Such lovely birds shame Bath & North East Somerset Council are spending £57,000 pound on taking eggs and culling the population, money not well spent!
Money better spent on culling cars or some humans!

Then heard a incoming Peregrine and a Male came in at speed, best I could manage, flew around spire and departed again, saw the Juvenile high up also circling a brave Buzzard.

This I think, the female sat watching the youngster an her partner. 
Gonna go back tomorrow try my luck again. 
Watch this space!

Thanks For Looking! 
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