Sunday, 26 February 2017

3rd New Tick of the Year

Date: 26/02/2017
Location: Newton St Loe - Patch
Weather: Grey Skies, Windy
Other Species: 
Skylark, Bullfinch, Common Gull, Mediterranean Gull, Buzzard, Little Grebe, Goosander, Teal.

Headed out through a very quiet Bath Mill and up on to Fields, Skylarks up singing in all four fields around 8/9 Birds but probably more on the floor.

Tree's all planted now and looking good. On out through Village normal stuff. Farmer cutting hedges so fewer House Sparrows about. 
Goldcrest in good number on most of walk today, numbers in excess of 10 singing away.

Grey Heron in the Heronry starting to get busy, a total number now at 8 not the most this year but starting to gather nesting materials.

On to bottom lake and nothing going on couple of Mallard and Moorhen. Top Lake, 1 Goosander female 30 + Mallard and Mute Swans which I fed.

Was reading about the ageing of Swans and it appears the Mute Swans ages are normally between 15/20 years old. To reach 20 is rare, the oldest RSPB bird which was ringed and is now 15 years old. 
In USA, a Mute Swan was ringed in 1990 and is still going strong making this bird 26 years old! 

A group of Black Headed Gulls cleaning them self's on lake then 7 Common Gulls all landed and also started to feed. But wait on checking gulls noticed a Mediterranean Gull!!

It was constantly cleaning it self.
 Funny to watch the Black Headed Gulls watching the newcomer!

Another new tick for Newton St Loe, taking us to all time 92 and this years 3rd new species! Year list so far is 66.

Watched for 30 mins did some tweets and then it was gone, flew off with Common Gulls.

A excellent walk today only a species count of 36 but the Med Gull made up for that!

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