Tuesday, 28 March 2017

On the Somerset Levels

Date: 26/03/2017
Location: Greylake & Ham Wall
Weather: Very Hazy Sunshine
Highlight Species: 
Glossy Ibis, Marsh Harrier, Buzzard, Kestrel, Great White Egret, Sparrowhawk, Bittern. 

Lauren off, blue skies forecast so Somerset Levels it was!
Left home 8:30am arrived at Greylake around 9:30 but blue skies were not here, a hazy misty feel to the sky. In the Treetop Hide Wigeon, Lapwing plus distant Great White Egrets could be seen. Plus a few closer Little Egrets.

But the stars were the Lapwing with stunning displays as they flitted about in front hide calling and tumbling.

Quite a task trying to keep them in focus, like being on a Rollercoaster!

After 25 mins or so the Wigeon took to the skies, on checking the skies for a predator nothing could be seen, then a Sparrowhawk a meter off the ground whizzed by! Then disappeared, i won't embarrassed myself by posting a picture as so blurred difficult to see what it is, but Sparrowhawk, trust me!

Shoveller were also here and this one landed on what looked like ice!

After around a 1 1/2 hours we decided on checking out Ham Wall In the car park a Blackcap was heard and Chiffchaff were calling away.

On Lauren's bucket list was to hand fed a Robin, Tick!

Checked out the hides and suddenly 2 Glossy Ibis flew over head! Into the light but great to see. Then as we approached the Avalon Hide a Tawny Owl was heard calling.

Left the hide to see if we could relocated the Glossy's but no luck, we sat on bench and watched 4 Marsh Harrier hunt across reed beds.
Such stunning birds but always distant unfortunately.

A departing Canada Goose gave are incentive to also leave to see what else was about.

Lauren managed this great shot a a Goldcrest with dinner.

A few Butterflies on the wing including Small Tortoiseshell, Peacocks, Comma and my first of year a Small White! Puts me on 5 butterflies this year and 54 to get.

Got down to View point 1 and saw the Glossy Ibis by Torr hide so rushed up to take a few snaps. Excuses time! The light was very, very hazy and directly across on to Glossy's which was a shame as it were fairly close.

After trying many different settings on both are cameras these the best we could do.
In the right light there are beautiful.
Apparently there are 3 birds here now, we only saw 2 .

After taking lots of shots not good ones we thought it time to leave, but just as we were the Glossy flew up towards viewpoint 1 and landed still in the hazy sun but thought we'd try again.... Not much better.

This time it was time to leave, but wait Bittern! It flew across and landed were Glossy was!

A good end to a fantastic day as always on the Somerset Levels.

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