Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Newton st Loe today, now with added Graph !

Date: 07/03/2017
Location: Newton St Loe - Patch
Weather: Blue skies and sunshine
Highlight Species:
Skylark, Kestrel, Buzzard, Goldcrest, Meadow Pipit.
Look here for full species count
Out through Bath Mill as the norm and Bullfinches, Robin and Blackbirds along side brook with Goldcrest high pitched call from trees above.
On up to Fields and Skylark up and singing.

Buzzards over Seven Acre woods.

Also 2 Kestrels, one Kestrel flew towards me very close and over my head. (Note to self take picture next time! )
Carried on into Village looking to skies for our first Barn Swallow or Martin but none found today. 
Saw some yesterday at Chew valley Lake.
First picture this year don't worry they'll get better! 
(Laurens ,lol. Its better than mine !)

Into Church yard and it seemed Goldcrest everywhere calling and flitting around one even posed !

Next down past Send a Cow and a Green Woodpecker heard calling, Woodpeckers this year so-far not that common, although today Green and Greater Spotted seen and heard. Carried on to Bath Spa Drive a quick right turn to check Herony and 3 Grey Herons sat on nest, Logged to BTO. 

6 more Grey Heron along brook and under nesting tree.With 2 Buzzards overhead taking a interest.

The Herony is two tree's, half way along Bath Spa Drive. (no access in fields, Please !!)

Nothing really on Lower Lake, top lake 2 Mutes no sign of nesting yet from them. 

The Goosanders have now departed. i've done a chart took me forever ! But it shows the numbers and when they departed and arrived last year. 
This year 2017 they departed on the 28th February. 
2016 was the 2nd March. 
Although 1 and then 2 showed up on  20/03 & 27/03. 
So it looks like no Goosander until November this year, watch this space.

 A single Cormorant drying in old tree lakeside.

Nuthatch in good numbers and 2 Stock Dove also, left lake and returned through Village where another or maybe same Kestrel seen. Also a largish group of Meadow Pipits around 30 feeding in fields above horse fields, distantly.

Blue skies still even Moon was showing nicely.

Nothing else to report, only on opening front door a pair of Buzzards flew over my house Mewing. A nice walk and ended walk on 42 species.

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