Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mandarin's On The Lake !

Date: 19th May - 2PM
Location:  Newton Park Lake Circular

Observation:  Started off walk, still busy with workmen in campsite, so headed straight up to Seven Acre, usual 2 Buzzards and 2 overhead Swifts, 4 Yellowhammer and 2 Skylark. Not much else here, in Village there were 30+ Barn Swallow, and 2 juvenile Blackbird. Just before the Lake at Butterfly Alley there were a few more Blackcap and Goldcrest (recently opened this part up so nice to see more birds there!), although there were no butterflies! Onto the Lake, still no Little Owl. At Top Lake just come over the brow of the hill and 2 Mandarin Ducks were there! 1 Male and 1 Female. First time seen on our patch and the Lake so was a nice surprise and patch tick! 

Felt like I was being watched so turnt around and a female Roe Deer was right there! After a quick stop watching the Mandarin, the Mute Swan was still on nest, unsure if still eggs or cygnets now though as she didn't get up.

 There was also 1 Marsh Tit in the trees heading out the Lake. Moving on up over Home Farm, there were a small flock of Linnet (6+) and a few more Yellowhammer by the farm. The last bird of the day on the walk back were 3 Bullfinch. Nice to see new birds on patch, starting to get a little busier on the walks now, fingers crossed for some good ticks soon!

Weather:  Sunny Intervals, Warm, Some Wind
Other Species: 2 Buzzard, 4+ Swift, 30+ Barn Swallow, 2 Mandarin (1M + 1F), 6+ Linnet, 10+ Yellowhammer, 3 Bullfinch, 1 Blackcap, 2+ Goldcrest, 1 Marsh Tit - Of Note

Thanks For Looking !

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