Friday, 8 May 2015

Hodder's Combe - Quantocks

Date: 07/05/2015

Location: Hodder's Combe - Quantocks
Observation: With Lauren still recovering! Thought I'd head down to the Quantocks in hope of a Wood Warbler or Pied Flycatcher. While doing a recent walk press link below to see
Found Hodders Combe in the Quantocks an Oak Woodland and a lovely walk up to top of Quantocks with views everywhere! It said on poster in car park good place for Pied and Wood Warblers ! 
Headed up through woodland Robins were numerous Blue Tits, Great Tits and Blackbirds also within 20 mins of leaving van saw Wood Warbler tiny but there,

Great sound they make, almost a sad call ?! 

While watching a Redstart arrived on same branch with a mouthful of wool, 2 new birds for me on same branch !!
 Pictures were hard, cloudy skies, shadowed light, bright light, hard!
Female Common Redstart, seen the male really smart looking bird no photo :(

Once your out of woods views across to Wales on a clear day 

Skylark's flitting around on top

3 Buzzards at least 3 Cuckoos heard.

Yellowhammer spotted group of 3 feeding or rummaging on ground 2f/1m

 Also a rather smart Wheatear posing as they do !

Pair of Stonechat's Looking Pretty

  Meadow Pipits were the dominant species on top with at least 20 birds in gorse and flying around

  On way back saw 3/4 more Wood Warblers and a very distant Pied Fly male no picture

Nice bird but need a step ladder ! Always high up and into light or shadows 

 Just a Grey Wagtail but in Breeding Plumage looks fantastic !

Then my Lens stopped Focusing at 400mm !! O dear expensive repair me thinks ! :(

Weather: Cloudy, Temp 12c but felt colder
Other Species: Goldcrest, Buzzard, Kestrel, Raven, Wheatear, Redstart, Pied flycatcher, Wood Warbler, Blackcap, Meadow Pipit, Skylark, Stonechat, Cuckoo, Grey Wagtail, Linnet, Green Woodpecker, Chiffchaff - 28 Species Seen

Check Back Soon !

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