Saturday, 9 May 2015

Pond + Garden Update !

A nice day to sit around the pond and see how it is coming along, the pond was filled back on 1st April 2014 and since then we have done some garden improvements i.e cutting down our fir trees which have been growing for 16 years! We've planted fruit trees and Alder's, planted wild flowers. The pond and garden both have a long way to go but it's defiantly getting there!

Our Fruit Trees From Left - Gala Apple, Pear, Stella Cherries, Golden Delicious Apples
We also have 3x Alders and 1x Plum Trees!

Water Boatman (Backswimmer) - The pond is full of these - Approx 250+!

Damselfly Larvae (below) although alot of these are just the casing's left for these.
We also had a large Dragonfly larvae (second one we've seen) dark black, possibly Broad-Bodied Chaser Dragonflies!

Last of our pictures for now, Tadpoles - Common Frog, we had some laid back on 8th March, these started hatching around the 21st March and I counted around 10+ today, and they are developing extremely well! These are currently 9 weeks old since they have been laid, and not long until they develop into frogs!

We also have 10+ Pond Skaters currently around the pond, and a few Water Snails and a single Caddish larvae There is probably alot more in the pond but we have 7 definite species in our pond.

We will do another Pond blog in a few weeks to see the progress of this!

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