Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Little Egret Returns....

Date: 13th August 2017
Location: Newton Park Lake - Circular
Weather: Cloudy, Sunny Intervals and Warm
Other Species: Full List Here

Observation: Only a few Butterflies on Sunny Bank early afternoon, so onto Bath Mill and on approach to the bridge, the Kingfisher flew down stream but we couldn't trace it again.

Onto the Dog Walk, a single Jay, Roe Deer (Stag) and also 2 Buzzard were seen/heard through the woodland.

This stunning Green-Veined White perched nicely for some shots:

The walk was pretty quiet up to Seven Acre until the Village, where things picked up again.

Just before the Farm Shop, 2 Painted Lady's were spotted.

A few Barn Swallow were flying around the Village, 18 were counted on the way through.

At the Church, a Juvenile Green Woodpecker was feeding in the field with a few more Rook, Crow and Jackdaws than we've had recently, glad to see the numbers rising.

We met fellow birder and patch walker Tony and continued the walk.

Through the Workshop Covert, single numbers of Chiffchaff and a Song Thrush seen.

At the Lakes - Bottom Lake was busy with fisherman but numbers remained the same with Billy still present and 10 Mallard sat on the banks. A single Grey Heron, flew in and started foraging in the grass.

Top Lake, the family of Mute Swans present with all 6 Cygnets doing well and feeding independently.

Another Kingfisher flew up stream and landed at the Top End. There was no sign of the Little Egret until.... we walked around the corner and there it was, feeding away frantically.

We watched it for a few minutes before moving on.

We went to check on the Little Owl and Spotted Flycatcher, but no sign of either today, 2 Nuthatch and another Buzzard were heard calling.

2 further Buzzards, and 20+ House Martin flying around Top Lake.

On the return route, nothing more of note, apart from calling Stock Dove, small numbers of Goldcrest and another Chiffchaff (Juvenile).

Back in the Village, we left Tony and finished the walk.

At the Farm Shop, there were plenty of Barn Swallow and House Martins flying around and some resting on the wires, no doubt in preparation for their long journey home!

Barn Swallow (Adult)

House Martin (Juvenile)

House Sparrows numbers seem to be slowly rising in the Village after their hedgerows being aggressively cut down in recent months.

One of the Piglets at the Farm Shop

Our garden has been full of birds over the past few weeks, so here's some recent pictures:

Bullfinch (Adult)

Bullfinch (Juvenile)

Goldfinch (Adult feeding Juveniles)

Blue Tit (Adult)

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