Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Quiet Day on Patch

Date: 22/08/2017
Location: Newton St Loe
Weather: Overcast But Warm
Species Highlights:
Buzzard, Kingfisher, Grey Heron, Bullfinch, Chaffinch.

Overcast grey skies not the promised blue & summer day! 
Along through Bath Mill and still very quiet here, up on to Dog Track and could hear a Buzzard mewing, crept around to try to get a view of the bird but it suddenly appeared from nowhere and immediately disappeared into trees! 
Appeared again but much more distant Carrswood side of brook. Flew around a few times, seem to looking for something?

Then perched in Carrswood and sat looking from floor to the skies for at least 15 mins, I left him to it and carried on to fields.

Saw & heard 2 Yellowhammer not singing but alarm calling, the single whistle. Then from above a group of 25 Barn Swallows hunting with 5 Swift in the group. Our last Swift sighting last year was around 18th August.

A very quiet walk out through village and even Send A Cow woodland and by the time I got to lake was only on 25 species!
Billy still on Bottom Lake and only 5 not normal 6 Cygnets plus the 2 adults on top, strange I thought as the cygnets seemed to be doing well? 
I sat and watched the Grey Herons and today it seemed they were the highlight.

While sat watching Mrs Kingfisher landed and started to fish for 5 mins.

The Herons continued to battle for what seemed always the best perch.

This the winner! 
4 Herons on lake and no Little Egret today.

Kingfisher returned giving a slightly better if distant view.

Walking to top end of lake found the other Cygnet on bank away from others, it seemed alright couldn't see any marks and was cleaning, I'll keep a eye on it but I think not good away from mum & dad and such a early stage in its development?

On up to Ponds and a few Common Darters, but again the quietness continued.

Decided Id carry on up to Park Farm to see if there was any action up there this Greater Spotted Woodpecker was calling and getting a return call but couldn't locate other bird.

Their seemed to be larger groups of birds on way up with Crows C50, Jackdaws C30 and at least 150 Wood Pigeons feeding in fields.

With 2 male Chaffinch a bird I'm seeing less and less of on patch this year, worrying. 
4 Pied Wagtail at farm and a large group of Goldfinch about 50 birds, that was my lot apart from another Buzzard circling over 12 o'clock lane.

Spotted these Mushrooms I think they are..... Mushrooms, gone through my mushroom book (Roger Phillips) and not sure!
So returned back into village and normal route home with nothing more to add apart from Rabbits highest count so far 20! They really are breeding like Rabbits, good food for the Kestrel family or Buzzards I hope.
Ended walk after 6.5 miles on 38 species.

Thanks For Looking! 
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