Sunday, 6 August 2017

Patch walk with company

Date: 06/08/2017
Location: Newton St Loe (Patch)
Weather: Warmish, Grey and Blue.
Species Highlights: 
Spotted Flycatcher,Buzzard, Kestrel,Whitethroat, Yellowhammer, Nuthatch, Goldfinch.
Lauren did a window watch, very busy on feeders of late with Bullfinch a group of 8 birds last week. 6 today 4 juveniles and 2 adult birds with many Goldfinch fledglings also Blue & Great tits filling the feeders. 

Juvenile female Bullfinch being told off by our resident Coal Tit.

One of the Male Bullfinch.

Coal tit very busy collecting nuts and flying off to cache.

Lots of Goldfinch with young constantly squabbling, adult feeding here.

Apart from Wood Pigeons on feeders also getting a pair of Feral Pigeons and at times up to 4 Collared Dove.

Such a great looking birds.

I worked last night so got up
late morning, just. Then headed off around patch on my own living lauren keeping a eye on feeders, where to 2 Greenfinch visited briefly. 
On entering Bath Mill noticed a familiar car, Robert & Anne so Phoned them, they were at Seven Acre so walked on through to catch them up, not much going on along brook or up on to dog track or even fields leading to Pennyquick all very quiet.
Only Spots were 4 Buzzard over far fields, 1 Kestrel, a single Whitethroat and Yellowhammer who didn't seem to want their photographs taken, so here's a Blue tit who did.

Caught up with Robert and Anne at village, House Martins and Barn Swallows were swarming overhead some still feeding youngsters most sat on wire resting number still into 45's Barn Swallow and 30+ House Martins on entire walk with 4 Swift also seen. 
A quiet walk towards church with a Kestrel heard calling but couldn't locate.
Send a Cow woodland getting very overgrown difficult to see anything but heard a few Chiffchaff calling their warning call. 
On to lakes Billy the "no mates" Mute still bottom lake with 4 Mallard, but nothing else except a few fishermen who caught a 18llb Common carp a great looking fish.
Onto Top lake Goldcrest and Normal stuff with the swan family all still present.

Plenty of stretching going on from the cygnets, 
this shot taken today, notice wing feathers.

This shot taken a week before, wing feather much shorter in this one. 
On looking at our records last year cygnets driven off by mum & Dad around first week in September.

Carried on to top part of lake to check on Spotted Flycatchers, could hear them but flying around so much couldn't get any decent shots but a Greater Spotted Woodpecker kept us company, giving good views for some :)

Not rubbing it in Anne but There! 
On watching also saw a Nuthatch and Treecreeper plus Goldcrest in Yew Tree and eventually....

A dodgy picture of the Flycatchers saw at least three birds but as i said buzzing between Oak and Lime trees difficult to pin down. 

With more House Martins and Barn Swallow plus lots of noisy Jackdaws overhead a single Pied Wagtail was also seen in the College grounds. 
In fields opposite 2 Buzzard calling and chasing each other the pale buzzard which we've seen as far back as 2012 was doing the chasing.

Walking back along back drive a group of at least 40+ Goldfinch kept flying up and landing in nearby trees a great spectacle. 2 more Kestrel seen towards village and another Greater Spotted Woodpecker heard calling. On getting home one of the Jays was perched up on van looking for a few peanuts. Overall a great walk with pleasant company species count ended on 42, not to bad. 

Thanks For Looking! 
  Thanks For All Your Support!

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