Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Newton St Loe - My Patch

Date: 08/08/2017
Location: Newton St Loe
Weather: Grey, Overcast but Warm
Species Highlights: 
Spotted Flycatcher, Bullfinch, Kingfisher, Grey Heron.
Silver Washed Fritillary

With no Butterflies to chase another patch walk this morning and as the norm out though Bath Mill.
Seem to be a few Butterflies about to my surprise with 3 Common Blue and a single Brown Argus on Sunny Bank.

All seem to be a bit worn.

With a juvenile Grey Wagtail on brook, 
Plus adult who flew on down brook as soon as I saw her.

On up to dog track track and a Greater Spotted Woodpecker and Bullfinch feeding by kissing gate, through gate and onto dog track I could hear a Chiffchaff calling. Through the small woodland and a Buzzard above calling like a squirrel, strange. In clearing just out of wood a Silver Washed Fritillary! 
First one ever in 10 years of walking round these parts.

Takes my Patch butterfly tick list to 23, although this year only on 18 as I have been elsewhere on my great butterfly challenge this year!   ICYMI
1. Small Copper
2. Painted Lady
3. Clouded Yellow
4.Essex Skipper
5. Small skipper
6. Large White
Hope to get some of these before year end on patch.

Along byway not a lot going on, village More House Martins in skies only 1 Barn Swallow seen. On return trip this would change. Village Green and 2 Greenfinch 1 adult 1 juvenile. Very quiet in to Send a Cow woodland and onto bottom lake, Billy still present.

Top Lake all Swans preening on far bank, nothing unusual except 5 Grey Herons all looking for a good fishing spot with a adult keeping them mobile.

  A juvenile making their burbling call from tree top. I tried to record sound but noise from college drowned it out!

While watching noticed a Kingfisher sat watching the Herons, you'll need binoculars for this one!

2 Buzzards flew past calling to each other, was gonna go up to check on Spotted Flycatchers but noticed above me 2 were catching flies in trees alongside lake, so sat and watched a bit longer.

After trying to get better pictures with much success headed towards top of lake 2 more were feeding with a group of 3 Chiffchaff. 

Juvenile Wren checking reeds out.

Few more Grey Heron shots and then carried on back towards village. 

The numbers of hirundines seen to have reversed with many more Barn Swallows in the skies and sat on wires, plenty of Juveniles.

Lots of House Sparrow feeding in horse fields I'd estimate 30+ in one group, a good year. 

With Kestrel, Buzzard on way back, that was my lot, Collared Dove, Coal Tits and 6 Bullfinch on my tree when I got home. Filled feeders again and end.
Species count of 39. 

Thanks For Looking! 
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