Sunday, 26 June 2016

Butterflies & Peregrines

Date: 26/06/2016
Location: Bannerdown > Brown's Folly > Bath Peregrines
Weather: Cloudy but becoming Wet
Other Species: Marbled White, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Six Spotted Burnet, Large Skipper, Peregrine Falcons.

Slightly better weather today so headed up to Bannerdown on the eastern side of Bath hoping for a few Butterflies on arriving the small car park full, managed to squeeze in on end! Weather very cloudy now not looking good, but started walk anyway not much in the way of butterflies lots of Orchids about, Early Purple I think?

Walked the whole path almost at end a a few Marbled Whites appeared! But very tricky as long grass kept hiding them.

A few Six Spot Burnets were easier.

Nice to see a few females never noticed the brown edging before.

Then saw my first Ringlet of the year, even a open wing shot.

Next Brown's Folly, Batheaston almost the same here but fewer of everything, grass a bit shorter so bit easier to snap.

Like this shot, so furry.

The view from Browns Folly is great, with the whole of Bath in front.

Then headed down to Bath Center and St. John's Church for Peregrines saw all 3 Juveniles but no adults, this Juv enjoying Pigeon Pie.

Weather turning nasty now with showers and almost totally grey skies so headed to where I'd parked to go home and looked back to Church from across the other side of river and spotted this chap!

Much nicer light from this side, he was watching the Lesser Black Backed Gulls who were squawking as they flew past.

Giving them the evil eye!

Such amazingly pretty birds when you get a good view of them.

Now it's raining harder so I'll leave them to it. A lovely day even though no sun at all !

Thanks For Looking !
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