Friday, 1 July 2016

Silver Studded Blue For Sure, Then.. ID Challenges

Date: 30/06/2016
Location: Higher Heath and Durdle Door (Dorset)
Weather: Cloudy some breaks in Cloud then Misty > Rain!
Other Species: 
Butterflies: Silver Studded Blue, Skippers, Common Blue, Small Heath, Marbled White, Meadow Brown, Ringlet.
Reptiles: Slow Worm, Sand Lizard, Common Lizard, Smooth Snake.

Weather looking dodgy still but headed down to Dorset for a few butterflies mainly Silver Studded Blue and Lulworth Skipper. After much research on the net decided on Higher Heath as it was on the way to Durdle Door, A few days before Silver Studded Blues showing well with good numbers. Never been before but a good place to wander round if not confusing with markers not really showing the way! 

Dragonflies were buzzing around on first part of walk from car park first spot was a Golden Ringed Dragonfly UK longest and stunning !

Didn't really stop for long and soon buzzed off.

Around reserve were pieces of tin and on carefully lifting found Slow Worm and Smooth Snake. I've never seen a Smooth Snake before so was cool to see! Didn't really get picture as 400mm and 3ft don't really mix so iPhone record shots was all I could do! 
It's at the back in case you were wondering!!

After feeling honoured to see snakes entered on to the Heath and within 2 minutes spotted Silver Studded Blues but wind was blowing and they didn't stay still for long!

Managed a open and closed wing shot just about showing the Blue dots on this one.

This one really shows the Silver sheen and blue dots well.

On heath there were horse's or ponies grazing, doing a good job keeping grass down.

After following blue marker poles and getting lost! Finally made it back to car park and decided to go round again, on some logs by pond came across more Reptiles! 
Common Lizards.

Also Sand Lizards, another First!

Love the male such a great colour!

While watching noticed this Fallow deer checking me out, the Army were close by. I could hear gun fire and I think tanks, they seemed very close, maybe why the deer was looking for a way out?

Also noticed a few Birds about Buzzard, Stonechat, Willow Warbler, Jay, Skylark and Tree Pipit? If so a tick, it seems a day or month for ticks what with Reed Warbler, Sedge Warblers on patch and reptiles here and now Tree Pipit and also Ticks, had a tick on my stomach in week! Not nice things!

After Leaving Higher Heath headed the short distance to Durdle Door and after 
paying the £5 to park for 4 hours headed up the hill toward Durdle arch, as you can see a bit misty and not holding out much hope as Lulworth Skippers like it Sunny and calm! 
It was windy and misty !

After a bit a puffing and panting arrived! Wind very strong now but started hunting in field above arch.


O..Mmmm... Small/Large Skipper?

Surely? Mmmm....... Not sure, maybe Small Skipper.
 Have posted on social media for positive ID.

Lots of 5 Spotted Burnet Moths.

Found this little chap, very small and a parasite on him or her. 
It seems a very difficult skipper to ID if I find out I'll update blog with ID tips.

Thanks For Looking !
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