Monday, 13 June 2016

Bath Urban Peregrine Falcons

Date: 12/06/2016
Location: Bath City Center, St Johns
Weather: Bright, Blue Skies
Other Species: 5 Peregrine Falcon!

Been watching Webcams of the Bath Peregrines, thanks to the Hawk & Owl Trust and Ed Drewitt for advice.
So thought I'd head down there and spend some time watching them, amazing stuff all 3 Juveniles calling and mum and dad bringing Pigeons back.
In this shot this young Peregrine keeping his eye on these Feral Pigeons!

Stunning blue skies and the Peregrine's chasing each other across skies at speed Lesser Black Backed Gulls seemed to be in pursuit but no hope for them.

 Even though they are only just over 1 month old they sure can reach some speed,
and have some set of feathers!

After a wing stretch up up and away!

Must be the hardest part, finding a good landing spot!

Don't think the Adults have any problems with landing or hunting, think this is female with a Feral Pigeon.
She seems to fly around spire almost showing youngsters...

Then land round other side have a few bites.... then fly off showing kill to juveniles,
they start calling probably saying "Mum give me some!!" 

Then they take off in pursuit of her calling all the time, amazing to watch.

Peregrine Falcons fastest birds in the world.

Thanks For Looking !

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