Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mothering Day Success

Date: 06/03/2016
Location: Apex - Burnham On Sea + Patch - Newton St Loe
Weather: Overcast Grey 
Other Species: Apex - Great Crested Grebe, Lesser Black Backed Gull & Black Headed Gulls, Rosy Billed Pochard, Redshank, Song Thrush, Kestrel, Little Egret. - 
Patch - Barn Owl, Hare, Roe Deer.
Mothering Sunday so a visit down to Burnham On Sea, while the missus and kids were visiting the mother in law I had a brief walk around the Apex Lake at Burnham.
O Joy!! Dog walkers, a model Yacht club and kids on bikes :( 
But found a quiet fishing platform in which to watch the Great Crested Grebes doing the dance.

Out of the four Great Crested grebes on lake only 2 were dancing and only briefly .

This after the deed

While walking along the River Brue Estuary, which was freezing saw this smart hunting kestrel.

A few Redshank in the small ponds and on the outgoing tide mud flats.

Also managed a few shots of this great Little Egret.

Anyone who's been to Apex knows it would be rude not to track down the Rosy Billed Pochard, been resident here since 2010 ish.

Plenty of Lesser Black Backed Gulls on lake begging for food.

Now back home on patch, our hunt for the Barn Owl continues we started our watch at 4.30pm far to early! Got bored so at 5.30pm, headed on short walk but with some success ! Spotted 2 Hares and 5 Roe Deer the distant hare hops off. ISO at this point 3200 ! 

Returned back to check for Barn Owl at 6 pm and he appeared only briefly tonight but he was still here! 
ISO now at 16000 and almost dark .
The hunt continues !

I will leave you with Lauren's arty Roe Deer  simply called "Bounding off in a Blur"  
What else !

Thanks For Looking

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