Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hunting For Bristol Peregrines

Date: 03/02/2016
Location: Home + Avon Gorge
Weather: Cloudy
Other Species: Avon Gorge - Sparrowhawk, Peregrine Falcon, Buzzard, Raven.


Started with some Bullfinches from home, they seen to be enjoying the Sunflowers Seeds from our partners GardenWildlifeDirect why not check them out, their seed works for us!

The Male sits on feeder tray with a face full ! 
Shame he's also got a foot fungus problem looks like he needs to pull his socks up !

Had a spare couple of hours and only being 12 miles away thought I'd head over to Bristol and Avon Gorge to catch up with the Peregrine Falcons.
On arriving at Seawall bit on the downs saw both Peregrine's slowly coast at eye level past me! 
No camera in hand at that point! So headed along to watch point, a few Crows, Ravens and Jackdaws helped to get some settings and now to wait.

Spotted Peregrines on far side of gorge sat in trees but not moving much, a high level Sparrowhawk caused a stir but peregrines still just sat. This Buzzard coasted along gorge but still they sat !

Then they were both gone, after searching for a while spotted one in trees again and this one on far side about to land and sit some more :(

After nearly 3 hours of looking and hoping for some close flybys this was best, will return soon .

I leave you with I think my best shot of a Peregrine from Bempton Cliffs, Yorkshire where we watched this one hunt and take a Rock Dove mid air ! Amazing stuff: Blog Here of the attack.

Thanks For Looking !

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