Saturday, 12 March 2016

Barn Owls + Home Feeders...

Date: 12th March 2016
Location: Newton St Loe + Home Feeders
Weather: Sunny, Warm, Some Cloud
Other Species: 4 Goldfinch, 1 Greater-Spotted Woodpecker, 4 Buzzard, 1 Barn Owl, 2 Yellowhammer, 1 Bullfinch - Of Note

Observation: Heard a strange bird song on our feeder tree this morning, so looked out the window, unfortunately I couldn't identity as it flew off, but looked Siskin like and listening to the song, this is what I would put it down to, so hopefully they will return again soon! Minutes later a male Greater-Spotted Woodpecker landed on our tree, but as I grabbed my camera he flew off and didn't return but nice to see him back also!!

Here's a few pictures I did manage...

Great Tit With A Beak Full!

The Birds Approve Of Our New Grass Perch!

Goldfinch Keeping An Eye For The Buzzards Overhead!

4 Buzzards were seen circling over our house also this morning, very high on thermals.

A quick update on our Barn Owls, we have seen them very often between 5.30pm - 6pm we leave them happily hunting from 6.30pm onwards, there are 2 Barn Owls which we think are a pair hopefully a breeding pair, but we will have to wait and see.

We visited tonight and it showed at 6pm so we got some new pictures before leaving it hunting.

Last pictures of the night as the light disappeared..

We don't want to give the location away, as they are protected but we will keep giving updates on them and hopefully some more pictures for you to enjoy!

Thanks For Looking !
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