Friday, 20 December 2019

Record Breaking Patch Walk

Date: 16th- 18th December
Newton st Loe, Bleadon Levels
Wet, Grey and Wet!
Species Highlights: 
Whooper Swan, Kingfisher, Stonechat, Green Woodpecker.
16th Monday started with a patch walk, a break in the weather and a nice day to wander, working our way down the spreadsheet slowly ticking off species.

Groups of Redwing & Fieldfare starting to appear in number around village now.

Bullfinch, Greenfinch and the more common species all being ticked off, at the Lower Lake Kingfisher was next to been seen.

Big crop but nice to get good views of the beauty.

Robin feeding in between lakes.

6 Mute Swan, 1 Whopper Swan now its 54th day, 11 Grey Heron split between Globe fields and lake, also 1 Little Grebe and the female Tufted all present on the top lake.

Large groups of Common Gull, Black Headed and starling were feeding above football pitches. Back walking through College still ticking off species the Wren posed.

A Fieldfare feeding in the small orchard at end of back drive, surely the same one as last year?

 a large group of Meadow Pipit in fields towards home and this stunning Buzzard Perched briefly.

While watching this pair of Stonechat appeared.

Walking up to gate to get a better view and ....

Spotted this Green Woodpecker searching for food.

Not often you get decent views. 
Toting up the spreadsheet as we do with home insight amazingly we were on 52 species entering the house a male Sparrowhawk zipped through he garden making a Patch count of 53 species! A Record for 2019, the last 53 count was back in 30/12/2017.

After that success Wednesday I headed down to the Bleadon Levels in search of Short Eared Owls, unfortunately it was uneventful, in fact 7 miles walking and searching proved fruitless with very little being seen, the tide was right in unusual as its normally miles of mud!

Thursday and I awoke to rain but another patch walk before work, how very different it was today. Dunnock, Tits, And a few Blackbird posed near Send a Cow.

At the lakes was very surprised to count 9 Swan, 8 Mute and the 1 Whooper Swan., the resident Mutes were busy chasing off the visitors, or trying.

The Whooper very wet but happily Whooping.

The other day I mentioned to Lauren about the lack of Starlings on our patch when I spotted this group, a count revealed 432 the most ever counted on patch , Newton st loe is always surprising even after 10 year of walking it.

No new birds for our 200 year list so it stands on

Wayne Year Bird List: 206
Lauren Year Bird List: 197 

Thanks For Looking! 
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