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23rd December 2019 - 08th January 2020
Chew Valley Lake , Barrow Tanks, Newton St Loe, Slimbridge, Twerton.
Species Highlights: 
Great Northern Diver, Black Throated Diver, Long Tailed Duck, Ring Necked Parakeet, Whooper Swan, Bearded Reedling.

First of I'd like to wish all are readers a very happy new year, may 2020 be a great one!

Been a bit behind what with Christmas and New Year spent in Iceland (Blog Here) but starting of a quick round up. Its been very light last few days leading up to Christmas and beyond into the New Year making photography challenging, but Chew Valley on the 23rd there proved to be some blue skies, Bearded Tit had been see here recently but i was not lucky today.

Popped into Barrow Tanks to see the Divers still present must be 2+ months now. I like this shot as it shows the size difference between the two, GND first BTD behind.

Getting back to it, me and Lauren started our 2020 list, Lauren spotting the Black Necked Grebe at Stratford hide Chew Valley

Popped back to Barrow to, on way home into Newton Park to make sure everything was still present on the lake, Whooper, Tufted, Little Grebe still there.

Our first trip to Slimbridge on a very grey day with few birds moving around but picked up a few, surprised to see an eruption of Egyptian Geese and a Ruddy Shelduck.

Water Rail showing as usual under the Willow hide feeders.

A Ring Necked Parakeet had been seen 5 minutes from my home so it would have been rude not to do my best to catch up with this beautiful bird, didn't take too long and had great view , thanks to Michael Williams for the help.

He keeps returning to Michael feeders as he's putting out Grapes it seems a favourite food for the RNP.

As the Divers have been at Barrow Tanks I thought i'd spend a couple of hour with them, I managed so half decent shots, I think.

Great Northern Diver.

Black Throated Diver

Great Northern with I think a Stickleback.

Apart from the size difference the Black Throated in this winter none breeding plumage always looks much browner and softer.

Not only divers on the Tanks, 20+ Meadow Pipits feeding along the bank.

Also using some field-craft or walking around below the footpath managed to sneak up up this Common Sandpiper.

He knew I was there but nice to see these birds a bit closer or not flying away.

A real shame about the fishing line on both divers but at least they are both feeding.

Meeting up with Allan Chard we popped over road to see the Long Tailed Duck.

 From here I departed and drove to Chew Valley Lake and finally caught up with the Bearded Reedlings!

On hearing them pinging I popped out of the hide and got great views of 3 maybe 4 birds feeding in the reeds.

Shame about the light but what a pose!

Wayne Year Bird List: 86
Lauren Year Bird List: 81

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  Thanks For All Your Support!

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