Friday, 6 December 2019

Birthday treats

02-05 December
Somerset Levels, Slimbridge, Newton St Loe 
Cold but mostly blue
Species Highlights: 
Starling, Treecreeper, Kingfisher, Whooper swan, Slimbridge, Bittern, Water Rail, Stonechat.

Lauren at work so I headed down to Ham Wall to see what was around a very cold morning but beautiful blue skies, This blackbird was sunning himself near the visitors center.

 I walked to hides but seemed to be very little to snap at, so drove down to Greylake. In the car park as usual a few birds coming to the feeders. 

Reed bunting, female.


But the stars were the Starlings, squawking and scrapping over and around the feeders

Wren- Troglodytes Troglodytes

From the hides Gadwall, Shoveler, Teal, Wigeon numbers starting to build, on returning back to the van my Fit-bit fell off, didn't notice till much later. 
I left for Wells, Bishops place

At Wells this Treecreeper landed almost next to me, letting me have a few nice pictures.

The reason I went to Wells was to see the Kingfishers but although I saw 2 the light was disappearing and I'd now realised I'd lost my Fit-bit! 
That night I got home and posted a few pictures on Facebook, mentioning my lost Fit-bit, which I'd thought i'd never see again........

Tuesday and more blue skies a early patch walk, very quiet but this Mirror Carp at around 15 lbs was a great breakfast for this Robin, not so lucky for the Carp.

The Moorhen was also digging in.

I then had a Facebook message saying "I think I've found your Fit-bit" from a very nice chap called Kieran, whose gonna post it back to me, Whoohoo!

Back to the Walk and this Raven flew over Honking.

Along the back drive to University a small group of Meadow Pipit plus a pair of Stonechat (not pictured) unusal here.

Wednesday 4th December was my birthday 53, so after opening a few presents I set off to Slimbridge.
As a birthday treat the Bittern had arranged to give me a viewing from the Zeiss hide!

Saw 2 birds for a few minutes then they both disappeared into the reeds, as they do.

Such amazing camo, blending into the reeds, some people couldn't see them even though they were in plain sight!

The sun was shinning and the captive ponds looked fantastic.

 Goldeneye - Bucephala Clangula

Greater Scaup - Aythya Marila

Eider - Somateria Mollissima

Smew - Mergus Albellus

From the Willow hide a Water Rail had also decided to show for my Birthday.

From the other hides Wigeon, Lapwing and Curlew could be seen,

And Pintail, such a stunning duck

Not much flying past so dropped back to the captive ducks.

Redhead - Aythya americana

Greater Scaup female

Ring- Necked Duck - Aythya collaris

The Eider were mating and this the after shot, wouldn't want to evade their privacy.

Had to head home for my my birthday tea but dropped into the Rushy hide this Bewick taking a well earned drink after its long flight.

Thursday I met with Nigel Sluman at Church for a guided tour, not much going on but Nigel, Eagle eyed, spotted this female Tufted Duck, first for the year on top lake. 
Whooper still present in to its 44th day. 
Teal numbers at 16 and Little Grebe still present.

Walking along the back drive managed to get a picture of the Stonechat which I'd seen on Tuesday.

Showing well as they do. Leaving Nigel I carried on home.

This Kestrel was the last tick of the day, and the week.

Still no change but next week hope to add a few to Lauren's list.

Wayne Year Bird List: 205
Lauren Year Bird List: 195

Thanks For Looking! 
  Thanks For All Your Support!

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