Friday, 29 November 2019

Slimbridge to Newton St Loe

25th-28th November
Slimbridge, Barrow Tanks, Eastville Park, Newton St Loe
Weather: Rain to Blue Skies
Species Highlights: 
Whooper Swan, Bewick Swan, Long-Tailed Duck, Great Northern, Diver, Goosander, Kingfisher.
Our week started with a trip to slimbridge, mostly grey skies, low shutter and high ISO, but was a good day, the first few from the Willow Hide.

Next off a few Bewick Swan always good to see them return.

Pintail drake looking fabulous as always.

A Tufted duck incoming not to miss out from the action.

The view across the  Severn into the Forest of Dean, a bit overcast you could say.

Pheasant such a beauty cleaning up under the Feeders.

Flocks starting to build with Golden Plover, Dunlin and Lapwing taking to the air, the culprit.....

Peregrine Falcon.

It was raining all morning but with nothing to do and the chance it may clear up I headed to Chew, couldn't see the Green winged Teal through the gloom so went to Barrow tanks and the rain stopped! 
 The Long Tailed duck was cruising past in tip top condition.

Walked around scanning for the two Divers black Throated and Great Northern but could only find the later. Unfortunately he had fishing line attached to his bill and I watched him struggling to remove it, fisherman continued to cast and catch Trout unaware.

1/2 hour from Eastville Park and Mr. Chard a quick message and I met him at the park, that morning a female Goosander had arrived and we took a few pictures.

Just the one flypast over Newton St Loe this year, 2 years ago we had 21 Goosander on top lake!

Eastville park is a great place with resident Dipper, Kingfisher, with a constant stream of walkers, dog walkers and kids, but this means most of the wildlife lets you get that bit closer.

This Grey Heron stalking just feet away from us.

The light almost gone, he looks like a old man in a trench coat! 
But the feather detail look great.

Patch walk day and I awoke to clear blue skies, with high hopes I started my walk out through Bath Mill, It all seems silent...not until I was on top fields did I see anything, Skylark and Meadow Pipit feeding in stubble. Into village, seeing a few things but not many photos.
Distant Buzzard calling over bottom lake.

Top Lake and the Whooper still present with Common Gull keeping him company, the Mute Swans down the other end of lake today.

36 days and counting.

Little Grebe and 10 Teal present and 3 Common gull, one of my favorite gulls.

Walked along back drive to University and and a group of Meadow Pipit on wires along with a male and female Stonechat, first time seeing them here. Ended walk on 45 species so a good day. Nothing to add to our 200 counts.

Wayne Year Bird List: 205
Lauren Year Bird List: 195

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