Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Hawfinch at Bath Spa University

Species Highlights: 
Yellowhammer, Linnet, Bullfinch, Teal, Hawfinch

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Beautiful blue skies greeted me today and a patch walk was a must, out through Bath Mill with first sighting 2m 2f Bullfinch great to watch, carrying on up on to fields and Skylark, Linnets and a greater number of Yellowhammer with at least 30+ birds seen around the Trigpoint, my seed seems to be drawing them in, i've just put in another order of seed so i'll try to put a bit more down to see what happens, birds still very flighty but i'm sure i'll eventually get some great pictures of them.
On out in to Village 2 Fieldfare around still in the Church orchard.

Managed a few shots, not many apples left.

Fewer Redwing also about, total walk 7 birds only. 

But on towards lakes saw 4 Grey Heron on brook, Billy still bottom lake with a fleeting fly past from the Kingfisher. Top lake all the regulars happy to receive my seed. Water levels dropping nicely, hope they forget to shut sluice gate, might even get some waders !!
Teal numbers have hit a record 48 birds counted twice and verified by Robert who also counted 48 !!

Onward to the Keep and hopefully Hawfinches, its was really nice to see so many birders around patch, since i reported the Hawfinch i've seen more people on patch than the previous 10 years combined. 
It didn't take too long to get a glimpse of 5 Hawfinch but they didn't land and disappeared, it seems 20-25 mins and they come back to feed so i waited patiently. Then the same group came in to feed.

In the Blue skies amazing to watch them, and to help others also see them was even better. 

10 Greenfinch also in trees by Keep. While waiting for Hawfinch a massive group of mainly Black Headed Gull but a few Common gulls flew towards Lake and eventually landed on lake, never seen so many on lake. 
Picture doesn't do it justice but trust me lots of gulls!

I tried to locate where the Hawfinch were going but only saw them around keep.

Met Robert who within minutes spotted 2 birds in yews, nice spotting skills! 

A few shots and  i had to depart,  i'd been stood there for nearly 2 hours! 

Headed on home not seeing much else but ended the 7 mile walk on a respectable 46 species.
Nice to meet all the nice people today.

Thanks For Looking! 
  Thanks For All Your Support!

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