Sunday, 7 January 2018

Freezing cold Sunshine

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Hawfinch, Yellowhammer, Linnet, Greenfinch
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A bright sunny day but freezing cold wind today.I had to go out to check on those Hawfinch, so started off through Bath Mill with m/f Bullfinch on my feeders and a Grey Wagtail bobbing around the car park off to a good start. But very little through and up on to fields apart from Linnet c35 birds 2 small flocks. Yellowhammer also fewer than normal, the wind was blowing hard and cold so i guess all the little ones hiding keeping warm.

On into village and the normal House Sparrow, Goldfinches on feeders at shop, 3 Fieldfare with 5 or so Redwings in Church orchard. Crossing college drive this little Wren posed briefly my hands not yet numb.

While checking out the Waterfalls 2 female Bullfinch appeared alongside me feeding taking the Bullfinch count today to 4 birds.

Apart from Billy who rushed over to me for some food nothing else on bottom lake. Top lake a Cormorant looking splendid in the normal tree along with 41 Teal, 40 + Mallard and The Mute Swan Family. I spoke to around 8 people today on patch most looking for those Hawfinch which seemed very elusive. 

I patrolled the Keep area walking from main house then back down to top end of lake at first all i could find was a few Greenfinch (into the sun!) Goldfinch, Treecreeper and a single Nuthatch, but i kept hearing the sound of a Hawfinch. I spent around 2 hours searching, everytime about to leave i caught a glimpse of a fly past Hawfinch or someone chatting, also searching.

Almost about to leave and i Met Robert Kelsh another birder, i was just telling him i thought i'd saw 3 Hawfinch and then the unmistakable flight of 3 Hawfinches they flew from Yew trees across towards lake, and disappeared.
I really wanted a Picture but none, so here's one i didn't post from the 3rd Jan 2018.

At least the Hawfinch are still about, i wonder for how much longer?

My hands were now freezing so headed off, not much of note until the Horse fields, the Female kestrel trying hard to catch something.

She came up from ground empty clawed and i departed for home. 
Ended walk on 44 species 7 miles and 5 hours.

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