Monday, 1 January 2018

A Great Start To 2018!

Date: 1st January 2018
Location: Plock Court - Slimbridge - Sharpness
Weather: Rain in Morning, ending with Sunshine!
Species Highlights: Penduline Tit, Sparrowhawk, Peregrine Falcon, Fieldfare, Bewick Swan, Water Rail, White-Fronted Goose, Little Stint, Great Northern Diver, Linnet

Observation: To start the New Year off with a new bird (for Lauren), we headed to Plock Court and arrived for first light ready for the Penduline Tit, on arrival a two other birders had already located the bird. 

After a few minutes the bird had perched in the Hawthorn bush close to the 1st pool, we took a few pictures and waited to see if it come closer to us.

The bird flew into the distant bushes to feed, so we walked to the next field to scan the Gulls, where there were good numbers of Common Gulls and Black-Headed Gulls, also Fieldfare, Long-Tailed Tit, Redwing and Meadow Pipit.

As we started heading back to the other birders, a Sparrowhawk came speeding across the back of the 1st pool and landed on the gate.

The bird returned and fed on the Bullrushes for a short time, as the number of birders started rising we left Plock Court and headed to Slimbridge.

Pleased to see the Penduline Tit, and a great first year tick!

As we arrived at Slimbridge, the rain started but this didn't stop the birds!
The Tack Piece was full to bursting with waders and waterfowl, being spooked by a Peregrine Falcon and two of Buzzard's.

The Red-Breasted Goose was also present on The Dumbles amongst the Barnacle Geese.

The rain stopped and the sun showed, so we headed back to the Robbie Garnet hide for more pictures.

With the White-Fronted Geese flock, there was a single White-Fronted Goose X Barnacle Goose.

Shelduck (From the Rushy)

Bufflehead (From the America Pools)

Kingfisher (From the Martin Smith hide)

Water Rail (From the Willow hide)

Slimbirdge and Plock Court produced a total count of 66 for us both, a VERY successful day so far. On our way back home, as stopped off at Sharpness Docks, to visit the Great Northern Diver and Black Redstart.

The Diver was feeding in SARA Pools, and came close to us at times, but the light was fast fading, so after 20 minutes we left the Diver to feed.

We searched for the Black Redstart, but with the wind picking up, we couldn't locate but did find a group of 11 Linnet.

A great day and a great start to our year. Off to our Patch tomorrow, as 3 Hawfinch were reported again today! So fingers crossed we can locate them tomorrow.

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