Thursday, 20 April 2017

Thursday Patch walk

Date: 20/04/2017
Location: Newton St Loe
Weather: Grey skies and a bit of drizzle
Yellowhammer, Buzzard, Linnet, Blackcap, Goldcrest, Nuthatch, Stock Dove, Mistle Thrush, Barn Swallow, House Martin.
Not Butterfly weather so headed out round patch, Grey Wagtail back on brook and Chiffchaff in tree line with a few more up on to dog track. Plenty of Skylark in fields with at least 10 but probably more on floor. 
Got to Seven Acre and a bloke with drone was flying it over woodland moaning that the Buzzards were chasing it !! I told him maybe fly it somewhere else then, he didn't answer and carried on fiddling with it.
I've started to seed crossroads on byway hoping to attract a few more Yellowhammer (Sunflower & Millet seeds) Saw 2 Yellowhammers down by trigpoint &1 singing along side road also.
Into village and House Martins buzzing only 5 at moment with a few Barn Swallow 3/4 catching flies. Carried on to send a Cow woodland and Goldcrest, Blackcaps and Song Thrush singing. Tried my hardest to get a better picture of this Blackcap but he not having it!

Walked up Bath Spa drive to check on Heron's and Good news, at least 4 youngsters in nests, only a mother could love them ! But plenty of squawking going on.

Heard the call of a Stock dove turnned around and he was perched up behind me. Seeing more & more of these around patch.

On to lakes and Mallard numbers still very low but a few scattered around lakes and on banks under trees. Mother Mallard still has 7 young, weird cause saw the lesser last week take a few little ones. Think maybe they hide in reeds unless this is a new brood ?

The arrival of a new Mute Swan on lower lake and the 2 resident Swans doing well, bit of housekeeping. 

Think we've got 3 eggs hope a few more to be laid, last year they had 7 successful cygnets.

While sat in my normal spot a Grey Heron landing in front of me and stayed very still for some 15 mins while i munched my dinner.

No Butterflies around lake but plenty of Bluebells looking great.

Nuthatch and Goldcrest calling all around lake and this little Blue Tit checking out possible nesting holes.

2 Mistle Thrush seen on way back to village and another Harris Hawk being trained up on drive.
Into village above Farm shop and more Barn Swallows had arrived with at least 10 now some sat on the normal wires. 

So nice to see them back, whizzing along the lanes and coming within inches of me as i watched them from car park. People in the Farm shop car park seemed oblivious to them ! How !?

Another Mistle Thrush and another YellowHammer down the lanes to home was my lot and ended walk on 48 Species, i reported earlier 47 but on looking at pictures realised i saw a Herring gull fly over. 48 pretty good going. 

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