Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Portland Brill !

Date: 18/04/2017
Location: Weymouth & Portland Bill
Weather: Blues Skies
Species Highlights: 
Marsh Harrier, Ring Ouzel, Pied Flycatcher, Redstarts, Whimbrel, Wheatear, Raven.
Lauren off work so decided to go to Weymouth as blue skies were forecast and what a day!
Arrived at Lodmoor  first and the Swan Goose was present with the hybrid... Greylag- Barnacle ? 
Reed Warblers & Reed Bunting singing around the site always hidden but great to hear their song again, also Cettis in large numbers singing everywhere.

A few Dunlin where the only waders but Marsh Harrier and a Sparrowhawk were seen. Plenty of House Martins, Barn Swallows and a few Sand Martins whizzing overhead.

Starling looked stunning in the great light today, a small group were collecting nesting materials.

With Tweets about  Portland Bill And the amount of Migrants coming in we left and stopped briefly at Radipole on the way along coast. Again Reed Warblers singing and lots of Cettis this one showed , just !

The main action at Radipole were the Marsh Harries of which we saw 3.

From the new hide or shelter they looked ace ! Constantly cruising pass along reed line, Love the Urban backdrop.

We witnessed a Food pass and reed Collecting, such great looking birds.

Common Sandpiper and a single Egret also from the Shelter.

But still more tweets coming in from Portland Bill so we left and headed that way.
On arrivling we parked at Weston Road and headed to Barleycrates Lane. 
Redstart in good number counted at least 8 in first field a bit distant but brilliant to watch as they caught flies and perched up.

Another birder seem to be looking at something else and on chatting to him he said 
"Ringed Ouzel !" Never seen one so was excited to see and a brief look through our binoculars and Yes a Ringed Ouzel was present in first field, Picked camera up and it disappeared ! Typical, spent the next hour checking bush line with no success. But on Reap Lane Pied Flycatchers with Whitethroats and lots of Wheatears. 
Also Willows Warblers and Chiffchaff it seemed in every bush. Reeling Grasshopper Warblers also, Lauren got a good view of a Gropper but i only heard the call.

More stunning Wheatears.

Temp was rising so headed back to check on Ouzel a very brief flight and it went down hidden again, disappoint headed back to van. 
But a commotion with some Crows and Ravens they seemed to be making a lot of noise and noticed a poor single Buzzard on log in center frame. Around 30 Crows and 2 Ravens kept dive bombing him Amazing to watch Crows even made contact with the Buzzard, he flew off with Crows in hot hot pursuit! We left for lower bill and lunch.

We walked from Lighthouse car Park up west cliff edge and Guillemot & Fulmars coasting past.

With Skylarks singing in Fields and scrapping in the skies, territory squabble ?

 Was really pleased to to a small group of Whimbrel around 4 birds.

Wheatear numbers must have been in the hundreds!

But when they look this nice you don't mind seeing them back!

After a quick drop in to see the beautiful Little Owl Redstarts and Wheatear were here too, in the bushes that the surround the Quarry.

When arriving back at car park a group of Crows and this stunning Raven where sat picking up chips that someone had left, the Crows left as we approached but the Raven just sat. A brilliant end to a Brilliant Day.

Thanks For Looking! 
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