Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Barn Swallow Have Arrived

Date: 04/04/2017
Location: Newton St Loe - Patch
Weather: Sunny Spells but Grey
Highlight Species: 
Barn Swallow, Coal Tit, Bullfinch, Stock Dove, Blackcap,
 Grey Wagtail, Raven, Kestrel, Buzzard, Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler.
Full List

Out through Bath Mill and a few Chiffchaff along brook with the usual Mallards, not nesting in tree this year and have been joined by another male showing interest.
Blackbird number quite high as well. On to Dog Track and 3 Bullfinch with Coal Tits feeding in trees.

Despite the grey cloud and cold wind this Peacock Butterfly sheltering on path with at least 12 Skylarks singing all the way up track to crossroads. Also our first flyover Barn Swallow spotted, flew in the direction and over Seven Acre woodland and was a pleasure to see! 

2 Yellowhammer seen, plus Buzzard overhead. Into Village, no Barn Swallows on wires yet but not long now. Church Yard always good for Goldcrest and Wren, this Wren was so loud! 

Singing his little lungs out!

On down past Send a Cow and Chiffchaff number doing well with a couple of Willow Warblers too. Grey Herons still at 4 nest, but 6 birds and still no sign of that Dipper. But did see another Barn Swallow over Corston feeding.

On to Lakes and Bottom Lake still bare and Mallard numbers low. Swan having mated Sunday, now in protective mode chasing everything on lake, but was happy to come to me for some seed!

Nest in normal spot and getting bigger every day.

Blue Tits, Nuthatch, Great Tits all prospecting for holes of which there are many dotted around the Lake.

Chiffchaff number beating all records ended walk on 16!

And also collecting nesting materials.

At least 4 in Send a Cow Woodland on way back with a few Blackcap, not showing as well. Always hiding, but singing nicely.

But Chiffchaff showing everywhere.

While walking up towards Farm Shop spotted this handsome chap!
There were 2 Harris Hawks, they belong West of England Falconry and were being trained, Stunning birds! Photo-shopped handler out :) 
Saw them on Thursday, had a Barn Owl then, will keep but eyes open for more of these!

Grape Hyacinth growing in Village a great looking plant.

A few Pied Wagtails on Horse Fields and a overlooking Kestrel, She wouldn't let me get close and veered off of pole as I got closer.

Almost home and heard 2 Jays squabbling and a singing Willow Warbler also good to hear one sing, just to confirm its wasn't another Chiffchaff!

Ended walk on a respectable 47 species not bad at all and a lovely day was had by me!

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