Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A 41 Species Patch Walk

Date: 07/02/2017
Location: Patch - Newton St Loe
Weather: Blue Stunning Skies to start, then Grey and Rain to end.

Sunny and beautiful blue skies so patch walk it was, very quiet along Brook and through Bath Mill. Redwing along with 5 Bullfinch on Dog Walk and Skylarks singing on Top Fields, around 4 seen up in skies but probably more on the fields feeding. 

As you may remember Farmer Gay has been fencing off area's on Top Fields for trees, near to 7 acre woods. These the have now been planted, I've not asked what sort of trees but looking good.

Fewer Corvid's on Send a Cow fields with a few Goldcrest in covert woodland to Fisherman's car park. 

On to Bottom Lake a a single Goosander, male feeding.

Amazing plumage as sun hits different angles!

Having a good old clean, then he flew off towards Top Lake.

This little Wren defending his log!

Normal Mallard numbers, 2 Mutes present but our little Tufted female also still about. 
With 12 Goosander 16 Teal and Little Grebe all looking great and all feeding nicely. Coot numbers still good with 5 birds.

2 Cormorants diving and drying off but don't see them catch much, in fact don't see any of the divers catch much. 
Maybe the Gulls on lake pester them so much they munch it underwater?

This Mirror Carp not so lucky, didn't see anything eating it while I was there. I'd say around 15llbs of Carp. Not many Carp in Top Lake but do see them in summer months spawning, Bottom Lake is the fishing lake, so no fishing on this one, apart from birds.

Walked back same way and 5 Common Gulls on send a cow fields.

Back in to village House Sparrows, Kestrel and this female Stonechat on the road side of fence, normally across field with horses.

Also our single House Sparrow still on feeders at home. 
Ended walk on 41 species and rain.

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