Monday, 23 January 2017

Patch Tick 90

Date: 23/01/2017
Location: Patch - Newton St Loe
Weather: Blue Skies
Other Species: 
Goosander, Grey Heron, Little Egret, Mute Swan, Teal, Nuthatch, Stock Dove, Buzzard. 
Spreadsheet for rest

Headed out on the last patch walk before our Iceland trip out through Bath Mill as the normal. Not much about apart from at Seven Acre wood the workmen putting posts in for the new woodland which they are planting! Excellent news as it will extend woodland and they're also planting into fields, i'll update with pictures when they start to plant trees.
On out into village with a few Redwing about. On to lakes the extra Male Mute Swan still bottom lake on its own, but nothing else on bottom lake

This Dunnock having a bath in the middle of lakes.

There is a small incline to upper lake, I always walk up it thinking I wonder whats new. 
Today it was a Little Egret!!

Great news and its also patch tick 90! Always thought we should have a Egret, it was like Christmas!

The Egret seemed in great condition and in hunting mode. While Tweeting the news to all of our followers.... I lost it and couldn't locate!

Only to look right in front of me and see it perched up some 30ft in front of me!

A Coot caught a fish, The Little Egret flew across towards me and stole the fish from Coot.

We also now have 4 Coots, amazing as well as Nov 2016 we had 1. 
This is Egret fending off the Goosanders, Coots, Moorhen and Black Headed Gull. Not in picture as too close!

Female Goosander closest I've seen them as well, it seems competition bring them closer.

After it polished of it's lunch it flew back to the Grey Heron tree opposite side of Lake a started to preen. Excellent hope it's still about next week. Ended walk on 36 species. Only walked to Lake and back but i'd say worth the effort! 
Patch total now 90.... I wonder what next? 
Also Patch Work Challenge ranking now 22. (Inland South)

Just need a couple of 2 pointers!

 Thanks For Looking! 
  Thanks For All Your Support!

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