Sunday, 29 January 2017

14 Waxwings at Bradley Stoke..

Date: 29th January 2017
Location: Bradley Stoke, Bristol
Weather: Overcast with Light Rain
Other Species: 14 Waxwing

Observation: We arrived back from Iceland in the early hours of this morning, but couldn't resist rushing out and heading over to Tesco's at Bradley Stoke after we seen some tweets.

On arrival, the car park was busy with Sunday shoppers but we headed for the 4-5 birders present, we were told they had just flown high into the tree over the road.

This was the first view we had of the Waxwings, where they stayed for approx 5-10 minutes before flying over the top of us and landing.

As the Waxwings were a bit wary of the passing people we stayed distant and waited for them to come to us, they didn't come closer than 50-60 foot.

We had tried numerous times since December 2012 (when we had a single Waxwing on our tree) we finally got some decent images of the 14 Waxwing present.

A nice wide shot of some of the 14 Waxwings.

One Waxwing had been ringed so we contacted Grampian Ringing to inform them of this and it shows the Waxwing was ringed on 10/12/2016 in Aberdeen! Amazing to think they have travelled so far south in such a short time.
Please do report any ringed Waxwing's to Grampian Ringing so they can keep track of their Waxwings.

After about a hour of them flying back and forth, they flew off South East.

Despite the poor light and rain, it really was 3rd time lucky for us!

We currently have over 2500 images between us of out trip to Iceland with lots of new birds, we will post a blog of this over the next couple of days!

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