Friday, 28 October 2016

Cheddar Reservoir - Lesser Yellowlegs - Take 2

Date: 27/10/2016
Location: Cheddar Reservoir
Weather: Overcast, brief spell of sun
Target Species: Lesser Yellowlegs
Left home with a blue skies heading for another go at the Lesser Yellowlegs at Cheddar as it was still showing well. As I headed down through the amazing Cheddar Gorge, cloud appeared and misty conditions! But still better than Monday so carried on, arrived and at least 10 birders were very close to edge of Reservoir in fact about 40ft closer than I was Monday!
So stood next to them, later lying in the duck poo, but worth it!

Light here still a bit grey.

But it did get brighter.

And closer!

Took a lot of photos as after 30 mins the birders that were there left leaving me on my own.

The bird seemed to like the puddle right in front of where I was lying!

After watching for 2 hours it started to clean and gave a wing flap to dry off.

A great little bird, really enjoyed watching it at such a close distance and was still there feeding away when I left. With other birders arriving as I was leaving.

On way to Cheddar noticed a large group of Starlings at the top of the Gorge in fields, they were still there, so many the wires where bouncing!

Sat in van it was like my own little murmurations!

They continued to feed in field often all flying back up to wires, light bad at this point so left and tried Chew Valley on way through.

Despite numerous tweets could only find Common Gulls or Mew Gulls of note but really like these gulls, they seem to scrap and chase all the other gulls off. Great attitude!
A really nice day and met some nice people and saw some excellent birds!

 Thanks For Looking !

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