Friday, 7 October 2016

A Flocking Good Walk !

Date: 4th - 6th October
Location: Patch - Newton St Loe
Weather: Dry, Grey (with a tiny bit of blue).
Other Species: Opens Google Doc
 Trying out Google Doc above with our sightings, we fill in as we wander round and its searchable, will start fresh monthly and keep yearly. My little book fills up fast.
So first off Tuesday and 6 Stock Dove on first fields seeing more of these about recently. 
Poor picture. I know, only 3 in pic.

Also a single Wheatear male on far hedgeline. With 7 Linnet overhead noticed a group of raptors over 12 O'Clock Lane 100% 3 Buzzards but other looked like Red Kite!! Avon Birds reported a Red Kite but not sure what time, so Red Kite still remains off NSL list :( 
Too distant for picture. Had a count of 23 at Pennyquick Crossroads a record with Raven, Kestrel and Skylarks joining the list. On to Village no Barn Swallows or House Martins that's it I think, till next year. On Lower Lake very little, Top Lake 12 Teal but couldn't see Wigeon, did see Kingfisher whizz past. Large group of Song Thrush and Mistle Thrush in Yew trees top end.

After Bath Spa Uni on to back drive and a single Meadow Pipit in Cow Field.

Into lanes just before end and this made me stop suddenly a Jay not 10ft from me! 
He could hear shutter but couldn't see me!

Watched him regurgitate Oak Nut and ....

Then munched away on it! I
 left him in peace. Species count ended on 40.

Another day Thursday. Very similar but fewer birds I thought, until top fields where a large group of I think Linnet feeding on fields r/hand side of Seven Acre distant and very mobile.
Into Village and a single Chiffchaff by church.

Seemed to be fewer Mallard today, although could have been hiding under trees I guess, where the Wigeon must have been hiding on Tuesday, because today she was there again, looks so sad! Also Kingfisher on far side. Still no Coots and Grey Heron missing today.

While trying to count Ducks found a Hornets nest a steady flow of Hornets in and out .

Almost done, into Lanes and a large group of Meadow Pipits at least 30, these stopped a while but soon disappeared to carry on feeding. Today count only 35.

Thanks For Looking !

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