Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A 48 mile dash to see Lesser Yellowlegs.

Date: 25/10/2016
Location: Slimbridge - Cheddar Reservoir
Weather: Misty, Bad Light turning Misty, Bad Light.
Highlight Species:
Buzzard, Pintail, Great White Egret, Lesser Yellowlegs
Thought I would head up to Slimbridge, weather was grey and misty with the chance of rain so why not? Oh yeah full of kids, half term! Through the mist from the Rushy Hide saw 3 Buzzard in the 2.5 hours I was there. Sitting on fence line and a bit of worming.

From the Martin Smith Hide see this mist!

Same Buzzard but from Robbie Garnet Hide.

Shame this Buzzard wasn't facing the other way, but great wing span all the same!

Walked around the other hides but this the quietest without kids and crying parents! This Buzzard looking to the distance and so was I, thinking of leaving. 
Checked Twitter and a Lesser Yellowlegs at Cheddar Reservoir!! 
So clunk click, M5 it was.

Gps said 75 minutes and it was on the way home, well not really but had 2 hours so what the the hell.
Making good time headed straight to Cheddar Tower and was amazed to see Cheddar Res so low! 
Spotted Lesser Yellowlegs almost instantly.

Was feeding at about 60ft from Reservoir edge, 3/4 other birders were there when I arrived, Twitter travels fast.

Seemed very happy feeding despite this lawn mower, and still misty conditions.

A lovely bird, I think it was the Steart one, which left Steart on Sunday which was spooked by a lawnmower! 
It must have got used to it now? The bird originally comes from USA or Canada.

Also about 2 Great White Egrets, water So low that there were Great and Little Egrets here.

Seems to be so many in Somerset almost common!

A few more shots of the Lesser Yellowlegs and home, but with a misty start and misty end the Lesser Yellowlegs definitely brighten up my day!!

 Thanks For Looking !

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