Thursday, 4 September 2014

Trip To Weymouth & Portland Bill

Spoonbill @ RSPB Lodmoor

Date: 1st Sep-3rd September 2014

Location: RSPB-Lodmoor-Radipole & Portland Bill 

Observation: Headed to Weymouth, Lodmoor Reserve first where to 2 Spoonbills were happily feeding away, a Bar Headed Goose sat amongst at least 100+ Canadas, seem to be loads of Canada Geese Around ! A grey Showery sky was above me so headed for Campsite, Swallows Rest with views out over Chesil Beach and Portland! Cup of tea and walked to Ferrybridge a Yellow wagtail and Curlew was best.
Morning 2 a grey sky again greeted me :( Weather was suppose to Brighten up so drove to Bill. Decided on a walk around The Bill Coast path 8 miles in total. With Wheatears everywhere at least 30+. They seem to shout "Take a Picture of Me! " posing at every rock !

See !

At Prison saw a Peregrine Falcon patrolling the white misty skies ! Below prison saw 4 Peregrines calling and swooping, sat on path to watch while looking at my bad shots of them I heard a noise like a jet plane looked up and 2 falcons were diving at me, passed around 6ft from me !! Amazing !

Amazing acrobatics !

Carried on along path more wheatears and a surprise Whimbrel who let me get within 10ft, I was crawling along ground at this point but still ! 

                                                               Video here

A group of Linnet feeding and bathing in mud puddle 3 Buzzards sat on posts and the Lighthouse was ahead.
After Lunch bag of Quavers and a banana ! Headed back to van, stopped at King Barrows Quarries to see little owl, nothing. But did spot a Spotted Flycatcher.
Also stopped at Ferrybridge on Return, tide was receding, and saw a guy with massive lens up to his knees in water. Getting onto flats Ringed Plover everywhere ! Knott, Linnet all didn't seemed bothered !

Ringed Plover looking good !

The next day was home time but stopped at RSPB Radipole grey misty sky on arrival started walk, The sun came out a place seemed to come alive with Willow warblers, Whitethroat, Lesser Whitethroat, Reed Warblers & Bearded Tits all showing well ! Bearded Tits amazing sound saw a group of three pinging there way around reserve, isn't there always a blade of reed in the way ! 

Headed back to Lodmoor Spoonbills still there and blue skies now typical! Headed home happy !

 Mostly Misty Grey Skies, Rain Showers, Some Blue, Temp 20c 

Other Species: Spoonbill, Little Stint, Bar-Headed Goose, Canada Geese, Yellow Wagtail, Dunlin, Knot, Linnet, Black Tailed Godwits, Curlew, Whimbrel, Peregrines, Ringed Plover, Spotted Flycatcher, Willow Warbler, Reed Warbler, Lesser & Common Whitethroat, Bearded Tit, Buzzard, Kestrel, Shag, Fulmar of note :)

 Portland ,Really its there !

 Wheatear Poser !

 Spotted Flycatcher

 Waders At Ferrybridge

 My Home 

 Whitethroat @ Radipole

 Willow Warbler @ Radipole

Common but beautiful Darter to end 

Thanks for looking !!

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