Monday, 15 September 2014

Cheddar Reservoir + Apex & River Brue Estuary

Date: 15/09/2014
Location: Cheddar Reservoir + Apex & River Brue Estuary.

Observation: Had to visit in laws at Burnham-on-sea so a trip to the Apex and Estuary were in order. Chiffchaff was about it in Apex but 100's of Redshank waiting for tide to go out were lined up on mud. Sun was bright so pictures were difficult as reflection on water was blinding.

Also saw the darker colored bird in shot below... not sure. Anyone ID ??

Then headed to Cheddar Reservoir on way home to see Little Stint, on arriving parked at Cheddar side car park walked up steps and there it was! Nice! Managed to get a Ringed Plover aswell. I like Plovers, was led down around 10ft from it! It carried on feeding until a large dog scared it off !
Weather: Bright, Cloudy, Sunshine,warm
Other Species: Redshank,Chiffchaff,Little Stint,Ringed Plover,Little Egret of note.

 Little Stint , They don't keep still !

Ringed Plover Low Level !

 Great Bird and it keeps still !


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