Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thursday Patch Walk

Date: 22/09/2014
Location: Patch Walk- Previous zones 1+3+4+5 (Map Here)

Willow Warblers on The Dog Walk !

 Lots of Long Tailed Squeaking Away !

Went out through Campsite as usual and started up dog walk, heard a Goldcrest opened gate to be greeted with juvenile Goldcrest about a meter away from my face !! It looked at me and continued to feed at their frantic pace! Also a group of around 10 Long-tailed tits buzzing around wooded bit with 1 Willow warbler mixed in with Tits. Headed on up through field and to Seven acre wood, again Goldcrest and long Tailed Tit seem to be everywhere. Heard a Buzzard so stealthily crept to corner of wood only to see it sail off into the distance ! 

But it turned and came back towards me Mewing so i took a couple of photos.

Into village with not much around, saw a Jay and Female Kestrel in churchyard. No Owl Today, But Heron sunning himself on grass bank. In between the lakes saw female Blackcap and Goldcrest drinking from stream. Headed on out through college through some very friendly Cows, Bulls & Calves which was nice ! Just before Park View Farm saw a small group of Yellowhammer maybe 4, on across fields where more Yellowhammer this time around 7 birds.

Not much showing along 12 o'clock lane apart from usual Raven calling. Back onto lane and the pale Buzzard was sat on distant post by college.

Headed back to village where House Sparrows and Barn Swallows were buzzing the road still around 30 Barn Swallows with a lot of juveniles left, got a photo in 03/09/2010 with a few still in village, so not sure when they'll go this year?

Weather: A Misty start but a 22c temperature burned off mist, Blue skies to finish .
Other Species: Yellowhammer, Blackcap, Goldcrest, Buzzard, Kestrel, Willow Warbler, House Sparrows, Of Note.

Thanks for Looking !!

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