Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Hobbies & Patch

Date: 1-2 May
Westhay, Hamwall, (Somerset Levels), Newton St loe
Mostly Overcast still a bit Nippy
Species Highlights: 
Hobby, Bittern, Marsh Harrier, Cuckoo, Whitethroat, Willow Warbler, Swift.

Had 2 days before we jet off to Rhodes so headed down to the Levels to see if I could see a Hobby, went to Westhay first, a really great reserve and well worth a visit if you've never been almost the first bird I saw was a Hobby very distant so continued around checking all the hides for a better view, with Cuckoo calling and Reed Bunting, Blackcap, Chiffchaff and Cettis Warblers singing it was a great morning.

From the North hide I spotted 2 Hobbies but still distant and this Magpie did nothing to help bring them closer.

After a couple of hours, I went to RSPB Ham Wall with Great White Egrets and Booming Bitterns, Many singing Blackcaps and alike it seemed like the place with alive. As I was heading to the Avalon hide I soon spotted a few Hobbies buzzing over the top of the small woodland along side the hide.

From the hide the light was getting almost dark but managed a few flyby shots.

The always distant Marsh Harriers were also present.

The Hobby doing what it does best, catching Dragonflies.

This my best shot of the day, apparently the Hobby catching a Hairy Dragonfly, I'm not too hot on Dragonflies so I'll take Simon's word for it.

A few butterflies about mainly Peacock but a few Orange Tips.

This Willow Warblers singing his heart out!

The Reed Warblers song is normally from deep in the Reeds, this one having a stretch.
That was my day.

Today 2nd May decide to do a last patch walk to Newton St loe, Robert Hargreaves joined me at Seven Arce Skylark and Stock Dove on way up over the fields and our first Swift of the year. Dates from Previous years are : 01/05/2016
Not a lot in it! A second Whitethroat was also heard. Through village and into Send a Cow woodland plenty of Chiff & Blackcaps with Wren singing as loud as possible.

Spoke to someone from college today who told be about the level of the lake, it's deliberty being kept low until september because of a leak in dam which will then be repaired, so still hope for a few waders, Hope the Swan, on nest and Heron's don't mind to much.

The first brood of Mallard were seen today around the main house.

Staying very close to mum and looking very happy.

 Yes your Bum does look big in this!

The male Kestrel taking off as soon as it spotted me as usual.

Followed by the Buzzard from the fields above Buttercup Barn Nursery.

Almost home and nearly got ran over by a pickup truck who was obviously making a quick get away from the rubbish he just dumped!! Scum! The Rubbish was scattered along the lanes from village to Pennyquick, i was in middle of reporting it to council when the farmer from Clay's End Farm pulled up, they must and he was very P, off we both reported and and went are separate ways. 
The end Grece in 10 hours, looking forward to it and wondering what i'll see ?

Thanks For Looking! 
  Thanks For All Your Support!

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