Monday, 21 May 2018

First half of the 59 butterflies of the UK (almost)

Date: 20/05/2018
Fry’s Hill,Battlesbury Hill, Bentley Hill, Cotley Hill, Wyre Wood, Monk wood, Haugh Wood
Species Highlights: 
Pearl bordered Fritillary, Marsh Fritillary, Small Blue, Small Copper, Adonis Blue, Wood White.

Bit of a catch up on our butterflies travels so far this year, after me doing the 59 uk species in 2017 I seem to have inspired Lauren to do the same this year so we’re checking out the normal haunts starting off with a few of the common ones.

This from Our Patch a Painted Lady, this the butterfly that separates me and Lauren at the Moment, she still needs it. Seen on 24/04/2018

The underestimated Orange Tip, Male

Fry’s Hill in Axbridge nr Cheddar always a good Hill and this year no different with Dingy Skipper.

And then the Smaller Grizzled Skipper.

Closely followed by lots of Green Hairstreak. It even landed on our finger.

The following week off down to Battlesbury Hill Nr. Warminster and soon after arriving Lauren spotted a little beauty, a Small Copper and it perched up nicely.

Soon flying closely by were a few Marsh Fritillary 10+ seen, a stunner of butterfly.

Also another to the finger tick list.

Also Duke of Burgundy a new site for me as I normally go to Rodborough Common or Cerne Abbas so pleased to see them in a new spot, at least 3 seen.

Still being early we jumped into van and headed of to Bentley Woods a good site for Pearl Bordered Fritillary and within a few minutes of arriving we soon had added Pbf to our list, weather was quite warm so butterflies not really posing much although we did get a few shots.

After seeing 10 or so we headed back via A36 and stopping at Cotley Hill my favourite site with last year totting up 22 species from this site. 
After parking and walking on to the site we soon saw a few more Marsh Fritillary then a brief view of a Adonis Blue our 4th species of the day, a Adonis Blue then perched up nicely for a few shots.

Small Heath, another tiny beauty.

We walked along the hillside hoping for a Small Blue but on first pass nothing was spotted, we started to do the return route when I spotted the Smallest Small Blue i’d ever seen but before Lauren could get her camera on it it vanished, feeling a bit sad we started heading back to van when again I spotted another, this time she managed a few shots, excellent making the daily total 5 new year ticks for me and 2 new year ticks for Lauren.

Monday today 21/05/2018 we made the trip up to Wrye Wood nr Worcester for a bit more Pearl Bordered action 100 at least but again weather warm and butterflies not playing ball, when they did land they were normally hiding in grass but great to see so many.

Some 20 miles away was Monk wood a new site for us both but what a site for Wood Whites again a 100 or so seen and this time pearching up nicely for some pictures.

Hidden gems,

So our year total stand at me: 25 & Lauren at 24 species with Lauren missing the Painted Lady, still plenty of time,  25 down 34 to go!!

Thanks For Looking! 
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