Friday, 16 March 2018

Weekly round up

Date: 11th-15th March
Location: From coastal to Patch
Weather: Dry, some sunshine
Species Highlights: 
Long Tailed Duck, Peregrine Falcon, Great Crested Grebe, Tufted Duck, Hawfinch
The 11th started with the normal patch walk, out through Bath Mill and on up to fields it seemed quieter but Yellowhammer still in normal place around 25 birds but no Linnet about.

30+ Stock Dove on lower Globe fields still and this rather colourful Wood Pigeon.

Spring well on its way with some Lambs by send a cow, trying out a bit of head banging.

Female Kestrel on normal post, as usual flew of as soon as i took this shot.

Apart from 12 Fieldfare + 5 Redwing that was it, Blackcap male still visiting our feeder tree.
got home and it rained the Collared Dove not liking it!

On the 13th a Common Scoter had been showing all weekend at Weston Super Mare so decided to head down had gone. 
So Sandbay next maybe a few early migrants but nothing a couple of Ravens was the best. Mmmmmmm Portishead for some Purple Sandpipers ......nothing at all. 
Oh well Barrow Tanks for Long Tailed Duck as it was now blue skies on arriving and a quick scan all i could see was fisherman! Typical, walked around anyway, got to Tank number 2 and i could hear first the Long Tailed Duck calling and courting the Tufted Ducks.

For such a smart duck he's pretty confused!

Popped into Chew Valley, Perfect light but not much to photograph, always the way.

Took a few pictures then headed off home.

14th another patch walk, seemed even quieter than Sunday but Hawfinches in good numbers spotted 2 groups of 12 + 5 birds plus could hear more calling from Yews.

Could only manage shots of single birds despite waiting for 45 mins.

Carried on walking to Stanton Prior, a few more Yellowhammers and this cracking Buzzard was all i could add to my list.

After Stanton Prior carried on back along River Avon, past the Boathouse and up through Carrs Wood, Kingfisher and Cormorant and this Coal Tit ended walk on 46 species amazingly poor for over 10 miles.

Today my Van had its Mot so dropped it off and walked into town to catch up on the Peregrines at St. John's.

They stayed on the highest perches they could and not moving apart from a few stretches, but always good to watch them. 

Left hand pinacle, you can just make Falcon out, I was stood under, by houses on left.

If only i was 250 ft taller!

With a pass from the van i headed up to Marshfield, Corn Buntings, Yellowhammer, and lots of Linnets but not being very photographic.

Last stop for the week was Corsham Lake as Goosander were in good numbers so parked up and head to lake, Goosander were right over the other side so sat watching the Great Crested Grebes floating past.

Looking splendid! 

Just got home and Tony Cook messaged me to say 2 Tufted Duck on Lake, so made everyone's tea and headed to lake species number 66 for the year.

Almost dark but Swans top lake busy making nest, last year Cygnet still around but now banished to top end.

A few Bats darting about, not sure how but a picture ! Common / Soprano Pipistrelle ? Not sure but looking at ID pictures i'd go with that. 
Walked back along drive hoping for a Barn Owl but had to settle for a Little Owl !!!! Brilliant to see, heard him calling then located him standing tall on tree box. My last sighting of a Little Owl was 19/01/2017, this takes Patch total to 67.

Thanks For Looking! 
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