Sunday, 4 March 2018

Another 50 Count, Melting Snow

Date: 04/03/2018
Location: Newton St Loe
Weather: Grey Skies, Some Sunshine, Snow Going
Species Highlights: 
Linnet, Lapwing, Red Kite, Hawfinch, Treecreeper, Blackcap.

No work because of conditions over the weekend so headed out earlier around patch, Bath Mill first with Treecreeper and normal species in their normal spots.

Despite snow still on fields I was surprised to hear so many Skylark on the recently ploughed fields, I reckon at least 10 birds were seen at different levels in the sky singing and jostling for positions. Just over Seven Acre while looking for the Linnet flock spotted 30 Lapwing, again, 4th day on the trot. Weather having a big effect on the movement of this species.

They seem to fly over with no real direction, circling and looking for somewhere to land maybe? 
Sightings on Newton st Loe are 
1 bird May/ Dec 2010
25 birds Nov 2017
35/30 birds Feb/march 2018.

I found the Linnet flock eventually at least 150 birds seen, not all in picture.

Yellowhammer numbers a bit lower, Only 8 birds seen. While watching groups of Fieldfare flew overhead 50+ with a few Starling.
On in to village and all the regulars were seen, Green Woodpecker and Greater Spotted also seen, plus a stack of these little chaps always happy to pose.

Behind Send a Cow 50+ Redwing were feeding and bathing in the melting snow puddles. along with Song Thrushes.

Fisherman's car park alive with bird song mostley Blue/Great Tits closely followed by at least 3 Goldcrest.

Waterfall not a frozen today, this male Grey Wagtail having a good rummage around.

Bottom lake Billy the Mute free from ice and annoying the fishermen, I called him over and he almost took my hand off to get the seed! Saw 3 Treecreeper on same tree, but not much about.

Top Lake Still partly frozen but more open water today. 3 mutes all present along with 25 Mallard, 25 Teal, 2 Grey Heron, 2 Coot and 3 Moorhen

A walk up to Keep and saw a single Hawfinch fly away although on walking on around towards house heard more birds deep in Yews singing, I think we still have 5 birds present, nearly 3 months now! 
While watching spotted this Red Kite being mobbed by Jackdaw, our second Kite of the year.

Rooks along back drive carrying nesting material and nests also by the Keep, a flock of 100+ Fieldfare took off from fields and flew towards Stanton Prior.
Back in to village with not much more to add apart from our Buzzard " John Hurt" of elephant man fame, he not the best looking chap, he seems to feed okay, we've been seeing him since june 2017.

Here's a picture from 2017 of his deformity. 

Back to today, he does have a almost Red Tailed hawk look about him. Anyway he flew of as the Buzzards around here always do, not very photogenic.

5 Meadow Pipit took my species count to 48, until i got home and while cleaning the seed off the top of my van a Sparrowhawk made a sweeping unsuccessful pass through my feeders - 49, then going through pictures noticed the Starling with Fieldfare back by Yellowhammer so another 50 count, second of 2018.

Thanks For Looking! 
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