Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Fontmell + Martin Down NR + Badbury Rings

Date: 16/08/2016
Location: Fontmell + Martin Down NR + Badbury Rings
Weather: Blue Skies, Little Wind, Temp 24+ - Perfect!

Perfect weather and not really happy with my last effort for the Silver Spotted Skipper so decided to go back to Fontmell Down was not disappointed!! Saw loads, at least 10. Saw one as soon as I entered the gate!

Arrived around 10:30 sun was blazing and the Skippers were perching up nicely!

6 or so people on hillside also looking, as usual, as the Skippers move they disappear, really hard to relocate but a few were moving from one Hawkweed to another.

Much better than hiding in the grass! 
Even a almost incoming flight shot.

Apart from SSS there were lots and I mean lots of Meadow Browns, a few tatty Chalkhill Blues plus a few Common Blues.

On lower slopes 2 Small Coppers plus a Brimstone.

Birds Kestrel, Redstart, Marsh Tit, Bullfinch, Linnet, Chiffchaff.

So time still early headed cross country to Martin Down NR, never been before, on arriving car park empty! But saw this Redstart hunting.

Think I was a bit late for butterflies, a few about but I'm sure June/July would have been better as the meadows looked fantastic!

Saw just one Tatty Dark Green Fritillary although this angle make him look amazing!

Common Blues again with lots of mites on, seen lots of these this year on different butterflies?

On almost leaving saw Tree Pipit ( I think? )

Now anyone who reads my blog knows I need one more butterfly, Clouded Yellow to complete this year list of 48 so yesterday a Clouded was reported from Badbury Rings and only being 16 miles away couldn't resist! But arriving there not much apart from an annoying drone buzzing around! Did see this and about 3/4 more Brimstones yellow but not Clouded.

Although in the light more green stunning all the same.

While watching Brimstone I saw a lizard scuttle across path in front of me then seconds later this Kestrel appeared from nowhere and scooped up something! Not sure if it was lizard!
So after 3 wonderful places today I headed home happy with my improved shots of the Silver Spotted Skippers but still no Clouded Yellows, 
they are arriving, so tomorrow I might be lucky !? :)

Thanks For Looking !

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